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  1. is rodex not supported in this client?
  2. does AndRO support feature like melting?
  3. umm just update your kRO, its on data/rdata grf
  4. First, sorry if I'm on the wrong forum section. Q1 : How to change client icon? I tried Anakid Free Release icon on Nemo Patcher while diffing, its not compatible. then i tried using ResourceHacker and also failed. Any idea? im kinda bored of classic icon
  5. you can rename it one by one LOL or just buy it with @KamiShi (this is not ads / promoting)
  6. sir, if i set the head anchor point to None, will it cause problem in game? i know that the sprite follow the head, but for making it easier how if i set the head anchor to None, because my animated is like flying fairy, not a helm / headband that stuck on head xD
  7. What client version you are using? and if its using iteminfo.lub/lua, makesure you add itemdb.txt in your data folder if you use ItemConverter.exe to create iteminfo.lub/lua because the ViewID is 0 if there are no itemdb.txt (based on my experience)
  8. Thats the korean language, you can change it through Tools > Settings > Display Encoding to Default And the grf you open that error, a sprite must be .act and .spr .act is for the action, size, color, rotation, etc .spr for the sprites image the error you got means there are no .spr because chibi grf only change the size of character (it still use original Korean RO character sprite, weapons, etc) but if you want to change back some or all character to real size, just unload the grf from data.ini or maybe you can delete the .act in chibi.grf
  9. Good day rAthena, Im here to ask about the animated sprite creation, i have sprite with 8 frames each side, and im adding the frames on ActEditor by @Tokei, so its become 0-23. The question is, how can i make the character stand straight and not moving when reach the different facing, its center, left and right. sometimes its also jump so far and if i set the anchor Body to "None" and Head to "None", will it cause problem for the sprite? as we can see on the red circle, its moves some pixel well its sometimes makes me need more attention and focus to do it for a tidy animated. Thankyouu..
  10. Thanks guys, how to set this topic answered?
  11. Thankyou for answering this, but the one im looking is perfectly same with the first picture but without the words xD and its png version with transparant background
  12. Does anyone have this kind of emperium render? I ever found on a web looks like wiki but its gone as i remember there are 3 / 4 kind of this emperium render (different colors) Please kindly share if you guys have it, thankyouu PS : I crop this from NovaRO Website
  13. Hi! Will this map be sold to me? I like it very much and can use PAYPAL to trade

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