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  1. Mihael's post in H>Floating Rates Days was marked as the answer   
    - script FloatingRates -1,{ OnInit: //add any other HOURS OnClock0100: OnClock1900: //------------------- atcommand "@reloadbattleconf"; //Base exp setbattleflag("base_exp_rate",1200); //Job exp setbattleflag("job_exp_rate",1200); //Drops setbattleflag("item_rate_common",600); setbattleflag("item_rate_heal",600); setbattleflag("item_rate_use",600); setbattleflag("item_rate_equip",600); //setbattleflag("item_rate_card",400); //setbattleflag("item_rate_common_boss",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_heal_boss",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_use_boss",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_equip_boss",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_card_boss",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_common_mvp",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_heal_mvp",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_use_mvp",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_equip_mvp",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_card_mvp",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_mvp",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_adddrop",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_treasure",1); //setbattleflag("item_rate_equip",1); // Apply new rates to configs set above //we don't change card drops rate, because these values won't change them anyway announce "Floating Rates every Saturday & Sunday Enjoy!",bc_all,0xFFFF00; announce "Increased Base and Job EXP by 200%.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; announce "Increased Normal Drops by 100%.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; announce "Card rates are fixed in 0.04%.",bc_all,0xFFFF00; end; OnClock0200: OnClock2000: announce "Double Experience & Drop rates already finish!",bc_blue|bc_all; atcommand "@reloadbattleconf"; end; }  
  2. Mihael's post in Unknown announcement on my server was marked as the answer   
  3. Mihael's post in R> Save Variable Job Name was marked as the answer   
    No, this is not what I need. Jobname(Class) returns me the name of the class you are, not the class that other players are.
    And yes I read the script_commands...
    I would not have opened a topic if I had found what I asked for.
    I found the logic I wanted, thank you for your attention.
    ~> http://daemosnet.gotdns.com/files/developers/eAthena-SVN-9162-stable-TXT-W32/npc/custom/eAAC_Scripts/kafraExpress/global_functionsKE.txt
  4. Mihael's post in disappearing with 15 steps was marked as the answer   
    // Visible area size (how many squares away from a player they can see) area_size: 14 explore your emulator you will learn many things.
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