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  1. @Aeomin, are you planning to add the features? Current version is feature freeze. You will have the flexibility to launch the game after patching complete in next major version, but still working on it. For things like checkboxes, I will think about those after that, UI component like these are pointless if it can do only few things. Looking forward to using your next major version of Thor Patcher @Aeomin.
  2. @Aeomin, are you planning to add the features?
  3. I really don't know about the drop-down box but i guess that's not possible. Also isn't it that any patcher will start patching after opening them? Also i think there's somewhere in the config where you could choose if the patcher will close as soon as it's done patching. Also the error will automatically show up if it failed to patch. How about the checkbox? I want to close the patcher after patching the, launch my game.exe.
  4. Hello, Is there a way to create a new window, combobox/dropdownlist, checkboxes in Thor Patcher? If there is no features like that, how can I programmatically force the patcher to start patching as soon as the patcher loads (show progressbar) and close after the successful patch or show a message box if there are errors. I have notice the 'Hook' in the config file but there is no details on how it works. Thank you very much.
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