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  1. Danskie-Sama

    Skill issue

    Storm Blast cannot be use when you are Curse Circle In official Ragnarok you can use Storm blast to knock-back Suras Also the new Skilldamage.db is not working i tried it many times thank you
  2. Danskie-Sama

    Please Help us T_T

    even on GDB the error cannot be found... anyone??
  3. Danskie-Sama

    Please Help my server still down because of this ERROR

    not yet fix T_T sir
  4. Danskie-Sama

    Please Help my server still down because of this ERROR

    thank you for replying sir T_T
  5. -_- still no one HELP same error my server still down because of this
  6. Danskie-Sama

    GitHub Issues and rAthena Bug Reporting

    Sir about some skill??? and consumable Token Of Siegfried Can be use on WOE - on official Token cannot use on woe or pvp Next Raido Rune or RK_CRUSHSTRIKE You cant Dispell that Skill bcuz its the only skill that can RK DO Final Hit also in Official that skill cannot be Dispell and NPC Old glast heim The npc cannot see how many monster that need on the 2nd floor like maggot count thats all the major prob for now iam a rathena user since i use rathena all of my balancing and revamp are good some of the update broke skill like Raido thank you and please notice this for more balance in gaming