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  1. not available in this moment
  2. i think you missing file transparentitem.lub
  3. try to show your script in here and maybe someone can help you its live server? maybe someone try to use WPE
  4. hi, all client 2018 have control transparent item for garment transparentItemlist = { { 1, 255, 255, 25500 }, what i want how to disable front side transparent in garment i don't know what the function number in above configuration see this picture if i put on garment have front side transparent and if i put on middle/lower/upper location didn't have transparent
  5. rathena support that client? i guess rathena only support at 20180621a its stable client? did u use on live server?
  6. Hi, all it's possible to enable Effect item digital space on this client?
  7. and who is use that command the party leader? really nice i'll try it
  8. can you add feature Player Online status?
  9. okay sorry for my missunderstanding about encrypt GRF Thanks tokei for your explained I hope you can update your tools when grf already encrypt and use merge tools must input the password encrypt its just sugestion
  10. use Gepard and then have ANDRO its not safe LOL