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  1. try to run server with GDB, to get more details
  2. i was try it and everything okay
  3. melv0

    Sprite colored Wings Request

    u can try recolor your self with act editor here for green but without BMP file green_wing.rar
  4. melv0

    R> Client 2017-09-13bRagexeRE

    ouw sorry i didn't know about that btw what do you mean "Applied themida"?
  5. like as tittle said here collection client from 2010 - 2018 enjoy ! Credit : @4144
  6. melv0

    R> Client 2017-09-13bRagexeRE

    here collection from 2010 -2018
  7. did u already diff the client with read questid2display.txt?
  8. im copy paste from github not from rathena downloader do you how to fix my problem?
  9. yes its' work witah lastest rathena
  10. melv0

    Renewal Items

    infinite weapon from infinite space instance
  11. @Alayne hi , i try to use this but get error like this [Error]: instance_addmap: No maps added to instance 'Endless Cellar' (1). and No monster spawn
  12. @Hurtsky How about the colour hair it wrong too
  13. melv0

    Maintenance Modus

    it should be this // Minimum account group id required to connect to server. // Will not function if group_id_to_connect config is enabled. // -1: disabled // 0 or more: group id min_group_id_to_connect: -1 change to 1 or 99