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  1. melv0

    Thor Patcher didn't read main.INI

    Problem Solve i just add www to my url and work it coz my nginx config always direct my site with www i think thiss is the problem
  2. hi, i try to setting my thor patcher and when run get failed to communicate with server i think have the right setting config.ini [Config:Main] RootURL='' and main.INI // o Note: username is required if want put password, otherwise everything is optional. file_url= and i was check my permession and everything fine i think
  3. melv0

    How can i catch or copy the sprite error ?

    can u tell me what i ar u doing when that pop up came out?
  4. melv0

    How can i catch or copy the sprite error ?

    diff with nemo ignore resource error
  5. melv0

    Q > Script help Stack of question need answer

    3. luafiles514/luafiles/signboardlist.lub
  6. hi, @sikiroi have same problem with u how u to fix it??
  7. melv0

    Ask About [src/custom]

    hi, all see this folder on rathena src/custom/ so if i want to add new command can add on this file? and if i want to costume some example @go it can be override? somebody can tell me about this? thanks
  8. melv0

    problem flux cp on my website

    are you use the right user and password for you MySQL?
  9. melv0

    Missing Sprites?

    add this file on map folder veil.bmp
  10. melv0

    NPC play video

    i think zero client support for video
  11. melv0

    Rolling in the deep

    btw how to make only GM to set the item? player only can bet
  12. hi, i try to install fluxcp when i running i got this error somebody can help me to fix this?
  13. i dont see any pict or video?
  14. melv0

    2018-06-20 Client much errors
  15. melv0

    2018-06-20 Client much errors

    its better to use 2018-06-21