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    yea is working thx for this help and the script
  2. Blue Jem


    i try i wish master this script is working to eathena
  3. Blue Jem


    on eathena svn there are no @accinfo command i want to manual type
  4. Blue Jem


    can i request about information of the player, Example: the GM staff Type this account_id 200000 or ETC..... show all info or detais: Username: Password: Email: Sex: Last login: Last Ip: IP:
  5. hello , im asking here to all scripter about scripter. this is my request about quest items. 1: need to complete the requierment the items need is: > 7227 = 10pcs > 501 = 10pcs > 502 = 10pcs 2: after the hunting for quest and complete the all items. 3: the npc give the reward to the player who complete the item with name of character. the reward is sakkat. Example the final reward with name of character: Blue Jem Sakkat.
  6. jobchange Job_Novice_High; there are 3 same name and where can replace this can i see the full script
  7. This the URL: http://pastebin.com/WdBNR1DZ this job changer have high job i wan to remove that the job this is the example Novice - mage - wizad - high novice - high mage - high wizard i want to change the script Novice - Mage - Wizard - High Wizard
  8. please can i request the client and the packet_db there are no cashshop bottom
  9. 1: only party leader can talk the npc after convo to npc and npc warp the party inside to map "guild_vs2" 2: 5 secound the clone has summon in guild_vs2 3: best of 3 round score to win 4: if the party of player is close the clone is die or @killmonster2 5: if have party inside to guild_vs2 the npc is show the status ON mean have party inside NO enter during Battle
  10. i mean your script is nothing happen see i test your script with 1 player inside to guild_vs1 map
  11. the npc nothing happen . this scrip from jesky if (getmapusers(guidl_vs1)==1)goto Full; mes "Do you want to enter this room?"; menu "Enter",enter,"Cancel",cancel; enter: set @name, +strcharinfo(0); warp "guidl_vs1",50,50; end; cancel: end; Full: next; mes "Sorry, the room is on used by "[email protected]+" right now"; next; mes "Please wait until the person get out from this room."; next; end; OnInit: while( 1 ){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Miner(s) : "+getmapusers("guidl_vs1")+"",0; sleep 1000; } end; }
  12. this is show to every who inside in map - script Sample -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: getmapxy( [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0 ); if ( [email protected]$ == "guild_vs1" && getmapusers( "guild_vs1" ) ) { message strcharinfo( 0 ),"Map is full"; sleep2 3000; warp "SavePoint", 0, 0; } end; } guild_vs1 mapflag loadevent i mean show the npc or PUB the name of player who inside in map .. if no one inside click the npc warp to inside then the npc show to every who's inside or Example this using pub npc "ON: name of player"
  13. no i mean in map who's inside then the npc show the name
  14. ok how can add the player name?
  15. can i request ) example: 1. in guild_vs1 the max player can enter is 1 player only if is full in map the npc say "Sorry the map is full by (name of Character)"
  16. Blue Jem

    Help ...

    this script is for high rate?
  17. Blue Jem

    Help ...

    http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=4ETLifmG this site is more faster reply
  18. >> http://rathena.org/board/pastebin/20c03e0icnogk/ this the code i want to work perfectly to Eathena svn please help me and there a lot of error please help
  19. http://rathena.org/board/files/file/2893-rathena-eathena-cell-noskillpatch/ this link is error to eathena, paano set un map flag sa area lang un noskill like sa gitna ng prontera dun lang un hinde pwede gumagamit ng skill if bumababa sya sa prontera sa lower part ng map pwede sya mag skill
  20. Someone know this my request: 1st prontera map 2nd prontera area or place the player cant use the skill of skillof area
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