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  1. Hello guys, I have a problem with this security script. It works all normal, but after the second login, it simply freezes and no longer appears the place to enter the password. Could someone help please? https://pastebin.com/8EMPeVhV Thanks
  2. I already have all the querys and does not show error none = /
  3. hi guys, i'm lost here because my pvp system is not counting the frags and it doesn't show in rank either. Could someone please help me? Sorry for my bad english Thanks
  4. @Skorm setarray .itm6 , 4763, 4764; // Footgear Here's the error [Error]: script:delitem: unknown item "0". [Debug]: Source (NPC): Enchant Expert at ayothaya (171,148) Please ?
  5. I would like someone who could change this script. I would just like npc to retrieve weapons / shields. And only the final slot in the case of 4 slots
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