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  1. wOni

    BG Eamod

    Guild System patch please
  2. Hi, question about fullstrip soul link, i know its kinda old but i have a new modification for this one. Soul link > Full strip (Randomly Strip Headgear, weapon, shield and armor by lowchance) i tried to copy old modification and reedit to my desire but no luck. here you go if ( sd && tsc && sd->sc.data[SC_SPIRIT] && sd->sc.data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_ROGUE && rand()%100 < 100 && ( skill_id == ST_FULLSTRIP && tsc->data[SC_CP_WEAPON] && tsc->data[SC_CP_HELM] && tsc->data[SC_CP_ARMOR] && tsc->data[SC_CP_SHIELD] ) ) { int item_id = 7139; // Glistening Coat int ii; ARR_FIND( 0, MAX_INVENTORY, ii, sd->status.inventory[ii].nameid == item_id ); if ( ii < MAX_INVENTORY ) { pc_delitem( sd, ii, 1, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME); switch( rnd()%100 ){ case 1: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_WEAPON, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start( NULL, bl, SC_STRIPWEAPON, 100, skill_lv, d ); break; case 2: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_SHIELD, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start( NULL, bl, SC_STRIPSHIELD, 100, skill_lv, d ); break; case 3: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_ARMOR, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start( NULL, bl, SC_STRIPARMOR, 100, skill_lv, d ); break; case 4: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_HELM, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start( NULL, bl, SC_STRIPHELM, 100, skill_lv, d ); break; } clif_skill_nodamage( src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, i ); break; } } ps, i did reedit to 100% to test the random strip but it always strip weapon. can someone help me. Thank you
  3. Hi @Emistry is it possible to put the bonus in different bonus items id ? like callfunc( "F_DiabloEnchant",<delete item id>,[random<bonus item id>,random<bonus item id>,random<bonus item id>,random<bonus item id>] ); "callfunc( "F_DiabloEnchant",501 (Rand 909,910,911,912 );" thank you Solved " callfunc( "F_DiabloEnchant",delete item id,rand(bonus item id,bonus item id,and so on));"
  4. Hi guys! im wondering is this possible. Second Edition WoE IF High jump Enable in SE WoE and Barricade deployed, High jump ( Skill ID# 426 ) can't get thru barricade and walls? Example Picture: Thanks in advance
  5. i manually added addrid 1~5 but the problem is when the event start it will never close and players dont warp on savepoint or prontera trying this one for ( [email protected] = 1; [email protected] <= 5; [email protected]++ ) { mapwarp "gld_dun0"[email protected],"prontera",155,181; mapannounce "gld_dun0"[email protected],"Event Ended.",bc_all; }
  6. hi, all character in map gld_dun01~04 not monster. not monster, player. warp all to savepoint
  7. Hi need help to this script, i want to add after an hour all character will be go back to savepoint and announce that the event is ended. Shod Time Enable 0400 ~ 0500 1200 ~ 1300 1600 ~ 1700 2300 ~ 2359 prontera,168,126,3 script Shod 689,{ mes "[ ^0065DFShod^000000 ]"; mes "Hello, im Shod"; mes "I Can Help You Warp To Your Death"; mes "You Ready?"; switch(select("Yes please:No")) { case 1: announce ""+ strcharinfo(0) +" Has Entered The Map",bc_all; //announce and end warp "gld_dun01",119,20; close; end; case 2: close; } OnClock0400: OnClock1200: OnClock1600: OnClock2300: announce "Shod Event are now Enable.",0; hideoffnpc "Shod"; sleep ( 60 * 60000 ); OnInit: hideonnpc "Shod"; while (1) { delwaitingroom; set [email protected], getmapusers("gld_dun01") + getmapusers("gld_dun02") + getmapusers("gld_dun03") + getmapusers("gld_dun04"); waitingroom "Map ["+ [email protected] + (([email protected]==1) ? " Soul" : " Souls") +"]",0; sleep 1000; } end; } i try adding additional script like this - script AutoDoom -1,{ OnClock0501: OnClock1301: OnClock1701: OnClock2401: atcommand "@doommap gld_dun01"; atcommand "@doommap gld_dun02"; atcommand "@doommap gld_dun03"; atcommand "@doommap gld_dun04"; announce "Shod Event are now Disable.",0; end; } but sad to say its not working.. thanks for the help
  8. wOni

    At Ecall command

    for multimap i do this if(getmapflag(strcharinfo(3),mf_gvg_castle))
  9. - script at_ecall -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd("@ec","at_ecall::OnEcall"); bindatcmd("@ecall","at_ecall::OnEcall"); end; OnEcall: if( agit_flag || agit2_flag ) {dispbottom "Disable on WoE maps Good for PvP."; end;} if( !getcharid(2) ){dispbottom "You are not apart of a guild."; end;} if( getguildmasterid( getcharid(2) ) != getcharid(0) ){dispbottom "Can only be used by guild leader."; end;} if( gettimetick(2) < getd(".guild"+ getcharid(2) +"") ){dispbottom "Command Failed. Still on cooldown."; end;} progressbar "0x00FF00",5; //5 seconds is how the skill acts. getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); warpguild [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],getcharid(2); setd ".guild"+ getcharid(2) +"", gettimetick(2) + 300000; end; } basic @ecall command how i can disable this @ecall on WoE maps? but can be use on PvP maps and normal maps. THANKS reedit use code box~
  10. Same prob my client of 2012-04-10 armor = 4, weapon = 5 updated. but still the same anyone? SOLVED> new emulator >.< how do i get the new emulator? newbie question here, i have everything like it supposed to be and latest revision, but still have the same problem. Just try latest git. its already solved
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