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  1. how to all party mamber say "Hey" if( !getcharid(1) || getcharid(3) != getpartyleader( getcharid(1),1 ) ){ mes "Only Party Leader can click me."; close; } setpcblock PCBLOCK_NPC, true; npctalk "Hollow", "", bc_area; sleep2 2000; unittalk getcharid(0), ""+strcharinfo(0)+" : Hey"; sleep2 2000; npctalk "What can I help you with?", "", bc_area; specialeffect 563; setpcblock PCBLOCK_NPC, false; end; }
  2. how to set not all char in account only save to warp per char to char (sorry I'm not good at English) https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/etc/quest_warper.txt
  3. I Want Change Item And Point morocc,132,98,5 script Bring Shopping 122,{ mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "Hi, "+strcharinfo(0)+"!"; mes "What can I do for you?"; next; switch(select(" > Information: > Trade in Items: > Point shop (^0055FF"+getd(.Points$)+"^000000): > Leave")) { case 1: mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "Do you find that you've got"; mes "useless Items lying around?"; mes "I'll be glad to take them off"; mes "your hands!"; next; mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "I'll give you ^0055FF"+.Points[0]+" Point"+((.Points[0] == 1)?"":"s")+"^000000 for normal Item each"; mes "Item you give me, and"; mes "^0055FF"+.Points[1]+" Points^000000 for Items."; mes "You can trade those points"; mes "for items later on."; mes "How does that sound?"; emotion ET_MONEY; close; case 2: mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "Select the Items you"; mes "want to trade in."; if (.Level) { mes " "; mes "They must be dropped"; mes "by monsters of level"; mes .Level+" and above."; } deletearray @sold_nameid[0],getarraysize(@sold_nameid); callshop "item_shopp",2; npcshopattach "item_shopp"; end; case 3: mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "You have ^0055FF"+getd(.Points$)+"^000000 Point"+((getd(.Points$) == 1)?".":"s."); callshop "item_shopp",1; npcshopattach "item_shopp"; end; case 4: mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "*yawn*"; mes "See you later!"; emotion ET_SLEEPY; close; } OnSellItem: mes "Items to sell:"; mes "-----------------------------------"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@sold_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (@sold_nameid[[email protected]] > 4000 && @sold_nameid[[email protected]] < 4700) { if (.Level) { query_sql("SELECT `LV` FROM `mob_db` WHERE `DropItemid` = "[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]],[email protected]); if ([email protected] < .Level) { dispbottom getitemname(@sold_nameid[[email protected]])+" is under the minimum level."; continue; } } set [email protected]_id[getarraysize([email protected]_id)], @sold_nameid[[email protected]]; set [email protected]_amt[getarraysize([email protected]_amt)], @sold_quantity[[email protected]]; set [email protected], compare(.ITEM$,""[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]]); mes (([email protected])?" ^FF0000":" ^777777")[email protected]_quantity[[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname(@sold_nameid[[email protected]])+"^000000"; set [email protected]_total, [email protected]_total+(@sold_quantity[[email protected]]*(([email protected])?.Points[1]:.Points[0])); } deletearray @sold_nameid[0], getarraysize(@sold_nameid); deletearray @sold_quantity[0], getarraysize(@sold_quantity); if ([email protected]_id) { mes " ^777777(none)^000000"; emotion ET_SWEAT; close; } mes " "; mes "---------- Total: ^0055FF"[email protected]_total+" pt.^000000 -------"; next; if(select(" > ^0055FFComplete trade...^000000: > ^777777Cancel^000000") == 2) { mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "Oh, okay..."; emotion ET_SCRATCH; close; } for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]_id); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) delitem [email protected]_id[[email protected]],[email protected]_amt[[email protected]]; setd .Points$, getd(.Points$)[email protected]_total; mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "All done!"; emotion ET_DELIGHT; close; OnBuyItem: for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.Shop); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) if (@bought_nameid[[email protected]] == .Shop[[email protected]]) { set [email protected], [email protected]+(.Shop[[email protected]+1]*@bought_quantity[[email protected]]); break; } if ([email protected] > getd(.Points$)) { mes "[Item Trader]"; mes "You don't have enough Points."; emotion ET_HUK; } else { mes "Items purchased:"; mes "-----------------------------------"; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(@bought_nameid); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { getitem @bought_nameid[[email protected]], @bought_quantity[[email protected]]; mes " ^777777"[email protected]_quantity[[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname(@bought_nameid[[email protected]])+"^000000"; } mes " "; mes "---------- Total: ^0055FF"[email protected]+" pt.^000000 -------"; setd .Points$, getd(.Points$)[email protected]; emotion ET_MONEY; } deletearray @bought_nameid[0], getarraysize(@bought_nameid); deletearray @bought_quantity[0], getarraysize(@bought_quantity); close; OnInit: //waitingroom "Item Trader",0; set .Level,0; // Minimum monster level to trade corresponding Items. set .Points$,"#Item_Points"; // Variable to store points. setarray .Shop[0], // Item Shop items: <ID>,<point cost> 512,10; setarray .Points[0],1,1,1,1; // Points per <normal Item>,<Item> set .ITEM$, // List of Items. "2504,2311"+ "2403,2103"; npcshopdelitem "item_shopp",909; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.Shop); set [email protected],[email protected]+2) npcshopadditem "item_shopp",.Shop[[email protected]],.Shop[[email protected]+1]; end; } - shop item_shopp -1,909:-1
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