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  1. TARTs

    Multi/Sub-Object in 3dmax [MODEL]

    1) Basicly 3D program can do that ( Just drag and drop model in your scene it's seperate texture UV ), but in RO I dont know. 2) You can make 2 objects with 1 texture UV too.
  2. TARTs

    bug skill points reset

    Unequipped all equipment maybe you equipped some Archer skills item scripts.
  3. So which items do you using? In example the costume have no view id but it's remove pipe view. My scripts will help this case.
  4. TARTs

    HP cap on updated rathena

    D:\rathena\conf\battle\player.conf Line 86
  5. TARTs

    [SHOWCASE] Zell

    OMG That Filter!
  6. TARTs

    Error Building_getitem

    Try prontera,137,111,5 script Maurel 604,{ // January ~ December Item Lists setarray [email protected][0],7539,5022,512,607,608,7539,5022,512,607,608,7539,5022; setarray [email protected][0],10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10; if(#MonthlyReward != gettime(DT_MONTH)){ getitem [email protected][gettime(DT_MONTH)-1],[email protected][gettime(DT_MONTH)-1]; #MonthlyReward = gettime(DT_MONTH); mes "You have grant an item for this month."; } else mes "You cant take a reward again this month."; close; }
  7. Put callfunc("F_TARTsDualEquip"); to items that not had view when equiped.
  8. TARTs

    Distribution button does not appear

    Use Zack data translation. ( Or use only skill luafile )
  9. TARTs

    i2d; item script to description

    I followed this for a while. This is everyone needed tools!
  10. TARTs

    Where to translate this

    data > luafile514 > stateinfo
  11. TARTs

    November Digest 2018

    Thank you again rAthena
  12. TARTs

    Monster Spawn once on any map

    Go to maps_athena.conf > Make it to array map name > You can simply spawn random monster now. ( Write code like this ) Let's other help you too.
  13. TARTs

    How to install fluxcp properly?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSg_rTH9s80&index=8&list=PLQI8wpKGPj96Ru5z5HHeO6e6QBFwvbSkr&t=0s This is my tutorial but It's Thai languages. You can try follow tutorial without listen sound. hope it help.
  14. TARTs

    Newbie Here

    Yes can you try using clean server ( Without install custom npc ) and see what's going on.
  15. TARTs

    Newbie Here

    If secure timeout not solve your issue. Then check scripts you've added. I found someone got problem like this by install old npc scripts.