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  1. on conf/battle/monster.conf you can also try this // The HP rate of MVPs. (Note 2) mvp_hp_rate: 100
  2. you load item_db.sql and mob_db.sql also item_db2 and mob_db2.sql
  3. ngek202


    most clients from 2011 to 2013 I think can display Expiration Date. btw you can check expiry on Item Description when you Right Click the Rental Item
  4. ngek202

    pre-re edp

    I think you also need to disable Renewal EDP. /// renewal enchant deadly poison algorithm /// /// leave this line to enable the renewed EDP algorithm /// under renewal mode: /// - damage is NOT increased by 400% /// - it does NOT affect grimtooth /// - weapon and status ATK are increased #define RENEWAL_EDP
  5. check the msgstringtable.txt it's on your Data folder on your Client.
  6. it is working fine just tested it now with latest revision: some sample
  7. Here https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/client-side-translation/
  8. In src/map/guild.c on line 389: if( sd->status.guild_id ) {// already in a guild clif_guild_created(sd,1); return 0; } if( battle_config.guild_emperium_check && pc_search_inventory(sd,714) == -1 ) {// item required 714 is Emperium you can replace that so every time they try /guild it won't work because the item requied is different replace it with some not used. then recompile.
  9. they are important if you have custom items., they are like descriptions and view id's for item that are from other Characters for example you warp on a certain Map and there's a Player with a Custom Item and if it couldn't find the proper view id's, or name for that certain Item the Client will Crash. also if you have added Items as Drop from Monsters you should also add it on those text file if not Client will Crash. make it a habit every time you add Custom or New Stuffs don't forget to add on those Text files.
  10. check if you have added your custom items on your num2itemdesctable.txt, num2itemdisplaynametable and num2itemresnametable.txt if not this could be the problem.
  11. are the mini map icons can be translated too or they are under msgstring? Backread it Nice Share btw
  12. I just tried with latest revision today and mine is ok. tested with 2 accounts non-gm and gm.
  13. tried it an GTB magic def is much higher. GTB TF
  14. tested mine it's working fine. Thara frog reduces Damage and on GTB skill misses. tested on latest revision.
  15. if it's a certain Map probably you tried to add/replace/edit a map but you didn't update your Map Cache. If so then Update them with WeeMapCache tool.
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