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  1. Is it possible to equip 4 costumes with all item sprites showing? Eqi costume head Eqi costume mid Eqi costume low Eqi costume garment (equipment) If it is, please show an image if possible. Help me go through on making it work on my end also thanks!!! This is what I'm talking about guys. See below: This is just photoshoped obviosly, but can i make all 4 item sprites show at the same time? Can i just use 8192 to any item or i have to through this guide to get an robe costume? refer to link below please. https://rathena.org/board/topic/72734-guide-custom-wings-at-robe-place/ I'm actually interested of the robe costume sprite. Thank you in advance! Possible to have 4 different costume equipments and equip all at the same time? Would the costume robe show if i just pick a random headgear and change the location to "8192"? Mine did not Thanks
  2. Hello Rathena, Anyone made this work without changing their clients? https://rathena.org/board/topic/69469-how-to-show-a-robe-sprite-on-costume-equip-window/ heres the patch, https://rathena.org/board/topic/65741-costume-robe/?p=143334#entry143334 (by Choko Designoper) Thank you guys! Im sorry not floor costume but robe. Thanks you!
  3. Thanks very much Sir Capuche and Emistry!
  4. Thanks Master Emistry, it produced an error like this. : DB error - unknown column 'total' in 'where clause' regards
  5. Hello rathena, Requesting a npc that will tell you the account ids that has 400+ items on their storage. Example is when you click a npc, it will say Users: 10000 13000 13669 14778 16876 Has more than 400 items on their storage. Thanks!! This is for only a game master's use ofcourse. Thanks you! Little help here please?
  6. Looks like you guys were missing a wav file under wav folder from data folder. To create your own file, simply look at the client error and determine what file is missing. Make any wav file(just to test) and rename it to the "missing error file". Put the renamed file inside wav folder in data folder.
  7. Theres a newer version of that woe setter(1.5 i think) that gives the solely the guild leader a reward after woe. As for agit controllers, you have to remove both because The woe setter replaces it. The announcements for breakers can be found in agit_main.txt not there
  8. NVM, Please delete. Solved Sorry
  9. Thanks Sir Emistry and Sir Skorm!
  10. Tried Sir Emistry edit but threw me an error and Still gave me prize. What about if there is an @afk command and used it? how can we prevent them receiving rewards after woe? Thanks you rathena
  11. Hello rathena, Could someone please edit this and make autotraders(vendors) NOT receive a reward once the the woe ends. Thanks http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=5z6edTq2
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