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  1. Hello! Is there a version of this that uses txt db files? Thanks.
  2. Hi! Good day! I tried manually adding your code, but I am getting this error:
  3. Add mo to after the part where you select an equip to enchant: if(getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]) < 10) { goto refrestrict; } ...tapos gawin mo na lang yung label na 'refrestrict' para may pupuntahan yung goto, something like this: refrestrict: mes "I can't enchant gears with refine below 10"; close; lagay mo na lang sa dulo ng script ng npc mo.
  4. Wow hi okay, I made this long ago! Haha anyways, replace all .delay with #delay and try again.
  5. Alright thanks! I will try to do that!
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm using the latest rathena, do I still need this? (noob question - sorry!)
  7. Hi! I can't put points on my Star Emperor and Soul Reaper, not really sure what the problem might be. Here are some screenshots: Taekwon, Soul Linker, and Star Gladiator skill trees are working fine: Did I miss something? What files do I need to edit to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Yes I did that as well, I've tested it using a character with 100% neutral resist. I still miss even I got warm wind and weapon with an element.
  9. Thanks @Disabled LOOLP! I will try this and give feedback. Thanks again! @Disabled LOOLP I forgot to say my server is pre-renewal. I tried your edit but I the element is still forced neutral.
  10. Hi! Good day! Is there any way to make Creator's skill Acid Demonstration's element be affected by weapon element? Instead of being just forced neutral. (e.g. fire acid demo, water acid demo, wind acid demo, etc) Thanks!
  11. Hi! Good day! Does anyone here offer or knows who offer Windows VPS host provider? Me and my friends plan to open a private server for a game(not ragnarok tho). Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I see. I guess there's no other way but to install the latest one. Thanks!
  13. Can I still use the old vb 2010 express to compile the latest revision of rathena? (Not rathena c++ tho, just the regular one)
  14. Is it possible to add soul links for ninja and gunslingers using this? (of course they'll be buffed using an item since Ninja/Gunslinger Spirit skills are not available) ex: SL_NINJA: | { bonus bStr,1; }
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