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    there's nothing problem with my current updated client its your client problem better check your lua files or data folder. it seems 'OUTDATED' P.S i'm using the client and there's is no problem if its that the case this one is outdated? https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation i got everything from this site. still no luck. i rebuild everything boss dyan ko nakuha yung una kong client. nagka loko loko yung una kong gawa /heh salamat kay azeroth medyo na ayos ng konti /no1 What is your current client? make sure your current CLIENT is match with your lua files. If you're using 2013 client this is the EXACT guide. herc.ws/board/topic/8894-guide-setting-up-2013-client-for-hercules/
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    In msgstringtable.txt search this : There are %d Players Currently Connected.# Delete it, like this : #
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    This problem is already already solved. You do not have the last version.


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