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Junk Seller will scan your inventory and sell everything at the same time. 
The list of items will display in a window so the player has a chance to confirm. 
If the player has the skill "Overcharge" it will add zeny to the sale amount accordingly. 



Player Adjustable Settings:

  1. Modify minimum drop-rate of items to auto-sell
  2. Modify item type to auto-sell
    • Usable
    • Equipment
    • Etc
  3. Add / Remove items from personal blacklist




Known quirks of the system:

  1. Items that flag up as "This item can only be bought from stores" will never be sold. 
  2. Cards are intentionally ignored as to prevent unwanted accidents.



1. SQL DB required for personal blacklist, run this command to create the necessary table in your DB:

CREATE TABLE `junkerblacklist` (
  `char_id` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
  `item_name` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
  `item_id` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL

2. Add junkseller.txt to whichever directory you store your NPCs, and update scripts_custom.conf. 

3. Modify this array at line 54 to configure your permanent global blacklist. 

setarray @Blacklist[0],

4. Uncomment / Comment the code at lines 541 and 544 if you would like the script to include Cards. 

// Checks if item is an Etc item (3)
// Comment this line and uncomment the line below if you want Cards to be included
if(getiteminfo([email protected],2) ==  3){

// Comment the above line and uncomment this line if you want Cards to be included
//if(getiteminfo([email protected],2) ==  3 || getiteminfo([email protected],2) ==  6){

5. Modify [email protected] to 0 at line 39 if you don't want the message displaying how many items were removed by the blacklist system. 

[email protected] = 1;	// Shows how many items were removed by the blacklist system.


What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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