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Release: @partybuff / @spb

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@partybuff / @spb

@partybuff (@spb) can display party member's special buffs in party list (Alt+Z)

Buffs are:

B - Blessing

A - Agility Up

F - Full Chemical Protection

S - Soul Link

+ - Devotion

Look like

[BAFS+]Player name

Watch on YouTube



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On 5/25/2021 at 10:50 PM, Sir Max said:

Just bought and it does not work. Any support?

same as you.
i test with 12 player on party and "Lind" change to "ind" and i have ressource error sometimes, the pictures jobs change, i don't know why. 
If anyone has had this problem and managed to fix it, PM me.



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i found a fix.


safestrncpy((char*)WBUFP(buf,28+i*46+4), output, NAME_LENGTH);


safestrncpy((char*)WBUFP(buf,PRE_SIZE+i*M_SIZE+4), output, NAME_LENGTH);
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tieene un desface de tiempo al salir los demas de la party


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