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how do you think ro2 will effect ro1?

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some people are suggesting to scrap ro2 and instead remake ro1 as a 3d game...? that doesn't make sense, ro2 is already serving that purpose.

also, ro1 is unique because it is one of the best games that is NOT 3d. most people who still play ro1 actually enjoy 2d graphics, which is why they still play it.. and maybe not for you, but many players around the world (especially 3rd world countries) can't even support games that use higher quality graphics, which is why they are forced to play ro1.

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I'd always stick to Ragnarok...I've actually tried playing other online games, like WoW, LoL, Starcraft...but I always end up regretting leaving RO and I go running back to it. RO has been like my game...my game of the life ^_^

Anyone have the same nostalgia?

Same here, when i leave RO, i played, cabal,Flyff,Dragon Nest,Shooting online games,Dota,HON, etc...and now im back with RO and having my own server, dont know why, but i really love this game :P

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