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[Showcase] Extended @partybuff

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Extended @partybuff

Heya, it's been a while since I've been active on this Forum. Currently I'm planning to comeback and this topic is a proof of that.
Extended @partybuff is a source/client modification of the popular command called @spb.


  • Display party member's buffs in Party Windows (ALT+Z)
  • Display a special bar above party members with the active buffs.
  • Working on latest rAthena.

B - Blessing
A - Increase Agi
S - Spirit Link
F - Full Chemical Protection
+ - Devotion




Known Limitations

  • Special Bar only work when /effect is active.
  • Works on clients above 2015-05-07.
  • It's a party setting which means if it's active will affect all online party members.
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