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Release: [Script Command] viewcondition

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[Script Command] viewcondition

This mod allows you to set some conditions to a player can see or interact with a NPC.

viewcondition( npc_name, int_variable_name, compare_method, value_1, { value_2 } );

Compara Methods Avaiable:

EVC_LESS - If player variable is < value_1

EVC_EQUALS - if player variable is == value_1

EVC_MORE - if player variable is  > value_1

EVC_BETWEEN - if player variable is  >= value_1 and <= value_2

EVC_DIFFERENT - if player variable is != value_1

You can apply more than one condition to a npc, but if one condition fail, the npc will not be seeing by the player.

Script Sample:


new_1,55,111,5    Script    Lupina#1    10078,{

  mes "You can see and talk with me because your @teste variable is less than one!";
  mes "Now, I will set @teste to 2 and you will no longe see me when goes outsight me or if use @refesh!";
  @teste = 2;

     viewcondition( strnpcinfo(0), "@teste", EVC_LESS, 1 );



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Version 1.0 and 1.1 are the same.

I suggest you to add a check in OnTouch flag.

I also suggest you to add a way to refresh the view of the player when a variable is changed, otherwise the NPC won't disappear when check_can_see is false.
You could play around clif_getareachar_unit and clif_clearunit_single.

Nice work by the way!

Edited by xVaan
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