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Utility: Illusion Items Enchanter

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Illusion Items Enchanter

Illusion items Enchanter conversion.

Note that this is converted from multiple servers, so stats and rates can vary. Stats and rates are taken from wikis/devs.

Credits: kRO, iRO, Shining-moon RO, NovaRO and Divine-Pride.

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great thing ... yesterday on your topic of "Illusion of Vampire" I was almost tempted to ask you if you could publish this npc enchanter... you read my mind!
You are great... thanks for your work and for your time! 😉

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On 7/27/2019 at 9:59 PM, Abeiy said:

the npc almost all but hat and garment

could you fix it?

Which hats and garments are missing?

I'm not sure if there are enchants for them, if there is you can link me them and I'll add them.

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     [Error]:  Loading NPC file: npc/test/Illusion enchant.txt
script error on npc/test/Illusion enchant.txt line 189
    parse_simpleexpr: unmatched ')'
   184 :
   185 :                        for(.@i=0;.@i<10;.@i++){
   186 :                                if (!getequipisequiped(.@i))
   187 :                                        continue;
   188 :                                .@eqId = getequipid(.@i);
*  189 :                                if (inarray '('.MeleeWeaponIds,.@eqId) == -1 &&
   190 :                                        inarray(.RangeWeaponIds,.@eqId) == -1 &&
   191 :                                        inarray(.MagicWeaponIds,.@eqId) == -1 &&
   192 :                                        inarray(.AccessoryIds,.@eqId) == -1 &&
   193 :                                        inarray(.ArmorIds,.@eqId) == -1)
   194 :                                        continue;



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