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  1. So, I checked again and I forget to set a mark color for the map and when the NPC does a classchange the icon on top of the NPC will not show.
  2. Here is the script I'm testing gef_d01_i,81,135,5 script Wizard#illuvamp HIDDEN_WARP_NPC,{ end; OnInit: questinfo 14664,QTYPE_QUEST; end; } The script is loaded, but the quest icon will not show on the map and not even the NPC and I didn't take the quest yet.
  3. I'm trying to make a hidden NPC that can have a questinfo - quest icon showing showing on top of the npc/map mark. I tried using HIDDEN_WARP_NPC, but the quest mark won't show even when I don't have quest.
  4. I've made a workaround for this. I used OnTouch: and classchange when the player touch the npc. OnTouch: if(illusion_vampire_temp == 5){ classchange 110,"Priest#illuvamp",bc_self; } end; But it would be really great if something official from rathena could be implemented so this can be done by using quest id rather than having to use workarounds.
  5. For example in the illusion vampire there is a section where you follow Marina to find 2 other NPCS, the Marina is hidden for all other players but only visible to the player who has the quest. How can this be done? I've tried to use classchange with bc_self, but this wont work for distant NPCs from the player when I tried it.
  6. So, we've updated and got the new pet evolution system, but we have an issue here. However all the items listed in the screenshot are present in the re/item_db.txt 9094,Dr_Lunatic_Egg,Leaf Lunatic Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 9095,Nine_Tail_Egg,Nine Tail Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 9096,Cat_o_Nine_Tail_Egg,Cat o Nine Tail Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 9097,Diabolic_2_Egg,Diabolic Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 9098,Fire_Deleter_Egg,Fire Deleter Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 9108,Xm_Teddy_Bear_Egg,Xmas Teddy Bear Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 9112,Moonlight_Egg,Moonlight Egg,7,20,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} 23256,Elixir_Bandages,Elixir Bandages,2,10,,0,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ pet 1041; },{},{} 25290,Sweets_Festival_Coin,Sweets Festival Coin,3,0,,0,,,,,,,,,,,,,{},{},{} Note: I've solved the issue, the problem was that I had the items added under import with different Aegis Name under the same ID.
  7. Hello, I have seen some servers do verification for their votes, for example the current V4P addons I saw they just add points when you click on the voting site, not after you vote. While the servers I saw they wait until you voted then you get the points not by just clicking the vote. How can I do this and if it's already included how can it be enabled?
  8. NotKappa

    counitem if(countitem(id) >= count){ // your code }
  9. just make sure 1rag1 param is enabled, and replace it with the starting string you want and make sure to use the same string upon starting the exe from your patcher.
  10. well as I said both of the variables are available in both events killerrid holds the killer ID and killedrid holds the killed target rid both killerrid and killedrid are in the events OnPCDieEvent and OnPCKillEvent
  11. - script simple -1,{ OnPCKillEvent: [email protected]_rid = killerrid; [email protected]_rid = killedrid; // do your stuff end; } both of these variables are available in both events
  12. Ok so I used a complete clean copy of rathena without gepard and nothing added. using 2017-05-17 client I got this error
  13. I'm aware it is not the exact same hash since I do apply every single update using winmerge to keep my emulator updated. I also did copy clif.c pc.c party.c from the rathena git and I still have the same map server crash. I'll try to reproduce it with a clean copy of rathena
  14. I have gepard applied so it's probably not the same line. this is the function I have on that line void clif_party_info(struct party_data* p, struct map_session_data *sd) { unsigned char buf[2 + 2 + NAME_LENGTH + (4 + NAME_LENGTH + MAP_NAME_LENGTH_EXT + 1 + 1)*MAX_PARTY]; struct map_session_data* party_sd = NULL; int i, c; #if PACKETVER < 20170502 int cmd = 0xfb; int size = 46; #else int cmd = 0xa44; int size = 50; #endif nullpo_retv(p); WBUFW(buf, 0) = cmd; safestrncpy(WBUFCP(buf, 4), p->, NAME_LENGTH); for (i = 0, c = 0; i < MAX_PARTY; i++) { struct party_member* m = &p->party.member[i]; if (!m->account_id) continue; if (party_sd == NULL) party_sd = p->data[i].sd; WBUFL(buf, 28 + c*size) = m->account_id; safestrncpy(WBUFCP(buf, 28 + c*size + 4), m->name, NAME_LENGTH); mapindex_getmapname_ext(mapindex_id2name(m->map), WBUFCP(buf, 28 + c*size + 28)); WBUFB(buf, 28 + c*size + 44) = (m->leader) ? 0 : 1; WBUFB(buf, 28 + c*size + 45) = (m->online) ? 0 : 1; #if PACKETVER >= 20170502 WBUFW(buf, 28 + c*size + 46) = m->class_; WBUFW(buf, 28 + c*size + 48) = m->lv; #endif c++; } #if PACKETVER < 20170502 WBUFW(buf, 2) = 28 + c*size; #else WBUFB(buf, 28 + c*size) = (p->party.item & 1) ? 1 : 0; WBUFB(buf, 28 + c*size + 1) = (p->party.item & 2) ? 1 : 0; WBUFL(buf, 28 + c*size + 2) = 0; // unknown WBUFW(buf, 2) = 28 + c*size + 6; #endif if (sd) { // send only to self clif_send(buf, WBUFW(buf, 2), &sd->bl, SELF); } else if (party_sd) { // send to whole party clif_send(buf, WBUFW(buf, 2), &party_sd->bl, PARTY); } }