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Questions regarding Pre-Renewal settings / Server & Client side stuff / Sprites


Hello! :)

I have some general questions and I hope you guys can help me, here we go:


I) When I set the server to be Pre-Renewal in the /config, which episode does it load? Is it Episode 11.3, Episode 12 or Episode 13.1? Because as far as I'm concerned, the Renewal system came into play in Episode 13.2, right?

II) Taking into consideration that I want to run a Pre-Renewal server, is it still possible to use all the available sprites from the latest updated kRO client (like sprites for NPCs and Mobs), items icons and stuff like that?

III) Let's suppose I want to work with new monsters, NPCs, items, do I have to make everything manually or are there tools to makes things easier? I know there are like NPC Scrip Editors, Server Database Editors, Act Editor, but sometimes I just get lost and don't get the full purpose of those tools...

IV) Also about question III, if I come to create new mobs, npcs, items, their descriptions, etc... I always have to make them server and client-side, is that correct? When it comes to server side it's easier, but client-side, how am I supposed to work with that? How can I change the client with the modifications I want? I mean, what tools do I have to use? Since I also want to create new spells, and I know I have to implement them in both client and server.


I think that's it for now, thanks in advance guys!

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