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GDB on PuTTY terminal



Hello community, as the title itself says, I would like to know how to use the "GDB" by the PuTTY terminal, I have a constant crash problem with Mobs / MvPs and would like to be using GDB to have a precise log of the error that cause it

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Try to be more clear with your question, so that we know at which point you need help with. That way, we can help you better.

Which ones are you confident you understand/were able to accomplish?

  1. Configuring and using PuTTY to connect to your server machine
  2. Installing GDB on your server machine (or checking if it is installed)
  3. Running char-server and login-server only.
  4. Running map-server through GDB.
  5. Reading and analyzing the crash log.
  6. Fixing the bug identified by the crash log.
  7. Re-compiling your server.
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