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HELP! status_skill2sc: Unsupported skill id 65535


Hello, I have tried searching google and unfortunately I can't find answers.

The only 3rd party I use is Gepard shield. Rathena was only set to prerenewal

Client is version 45 20130807, Someone help me please. I have 300ish users online and it's hard to detect where this is coming from


Edit: I have found the problem. Two Clowns are casting their buffs. whenever a player has these two buffs and kills a monster this error comes up.

Still I don't know how to fix it. Please help!




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Ok, can confirm it, but it has to do with the dissonance song overlap effect. Enemies inside that are killed throw skill id error 0. Enemies that lost overlap effect throw skill id error 65535.


Created issue on github: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/1341

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I have the same problem. =(

[Error]: Skill '65535' is undefined! status.c:108::status_skill2sc
[Error]: status_skill2sc: Unsupported skill id 65535

[Error]: status_skill2sc: Unsupported skill id 0

My emulator: rAmod.

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If you edited skill.cpp, check any part you edited. Try commenting everything you changed, recompile. If it works, then you may have the same issue I did:
- I edited some skills and created some more, one of them didn't have a closing bracket (heh... rookie mistake), so it led to affecting the rest of the skills.
If you edited any other file, try commenting the changes, leave 1 change uncommented, recompile, run server and check if it works. You can try 1 by 1 like this.
Hopefully this help you.

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