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  1. does anyone know how to make anydesk allow access within the ragnarok client ?! it opens, but the mouse does not work.
  2. Very simple, download the version of andro on the official website (http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/index.html) Create a folder with the name "ragnarok" in any directory of your cell phone, inside that folder you will put the following files. Folders: data -> clientinfo.xml BGM-> music. System -> ItemInfo.lua And at the root of the ragnarok folder put: DATA.INI your grf from your server and the data.grf For guarantee of your grf use only your custons, loagins, bmgs, because andro he will not read some customized files and this can happen failures, let him look for things inside data.grf. From grf moons files, use only accessoryid.lub and accname.lub. clientinfo is these settings:
  3. Can anyone introduce a guide on how to configure the shell to start again some of the services of rathena after a crash? Using Crontab or another system? I am grateful. PS: If possible inside the screen
  4. know how to guide how to configure the robrowser to read my grf ?! when I set up my remote client he can't find it. more leaving straight through the link of the robrowser he loads.
  5. And folks, I'm trying to configure roBrowser, so I set everything up as the guide plus my screen goes black, when I debug it he says he is not identifying the data.grf, but through the remote robrowser client he opens it. If anyone wants to help me, I am grateful, because I am wanting to use it here in Brazil, the two mobile services today for sale are extremely expensive 400 ~ 500 dollars, converting it into my 3000 currency. If someone knows how to configure andro's clientinfo to accept gepard, it also helps! But I have a preference in roBrowser no matter how old it is yet UX is much better, and is suitable for all platforms.
  6. I already did, without success
  7. how to remove from visual effect of the character with kaite?
  8. Accept negotiation request while dead. the player can even accept, but the trading box does not open
  9. I'm also trying to contact him, but without success, 5 days already
  10. Does anyone know anything about him? I need this beautiful guy, I couldn't get through the forum or skype
  11. Hello, I'm looking for the weapons of the shadows to be above the common sprite of weapons, as if it were a fantasy weapon. I added LOOK_WEAPON on pc.c I changed the type from 12 to 5, even more so it does not accept any type of sprite.
  12. I'm having the same error, and it's causing a lot of LAG
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