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  1. @Ahura Mazda Thank you so much.
  2. @Tokei @Functor Thank you so much.
  3. windows 10 GRF Editor v1.8.3.4
  4. prontera,100,100,4 script Duplicator 84,{ script } prontera,162,193,4 duplicate(Duplicator) Healer#prt 909
  5. /data/texture/effect example Claymore Trap /data/texture/effect/claymore.str in claymore.str run script 5 files .bmp
  6. oh use hat effect to call effect efst_gift_of_snow is very work !
  7. Example 20246,C_Decoration_Time,Costume Decoration Time,4,0,,0,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,2048,,1,1,1309,{},{ sc_start SC_TIME_ACCESSORY,-1,0; },{ sc_end SC_TIME_ACCESSORY; } same sc_start SC_TIME_ACCESSORY How to add new SC_custom to server and client attach file for test add new efst_gift_of_snow.rar
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