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  1. Harmony Problem

    Sorry If i'm at the wrong Topic "Question" How Can i Install This to Winscp? Problem About Harmony. "Question" How Can i Install Harmony in My server files At Winscp? "Question" its Okay ? if i Change The Xray files with other GRF? Because Encrypting GRF Make's Xray Deleted. Thanks Am i Wrong Topic?
  2. Ask Lang

    How To Patch Src Code in Winscp? Salamat Ng Marame
  3. Battle ground

    Request Npc Bg Conquest if 3 players on blue team and 3 players on red team they will get 5 Badge's on the Winning Team and 2 Badge on The Losers if the players are 5 - 5 10 to the winning Team and 5 for the losers. if 10 - 10 15 to the winning and 8 for the losers.
  4. Appear

    May I know some Scripts?? if They Killed An MVP or EMP Their name will be Broadcast for Example You killed baphomet Wow Baphomet has been killed By <name of playe =)) Same in EMP =)) Thanks
  5. Suggestion.

    Thanks =))BTW. more more Rate Please. If Majority Likes My Map. I Will release It. =)
  6. Suggestion.

    cge po Thanks For Suggestion =))
  7. Armor

    Can i request Some ?? Its an Armor That When He Equips Its Armor He will Get Disguise for GM Armor =)) Thanks
  8. Suggestion.

    Thanks =))
  9. Suggestion.

    Sir. Help please And Give Some Suggestion And Same As Rate 1,10 Thanks This is My First Time To make Customized Prontera here's my Screen Shot Ill try to add more Screen Shot =) But Now Im Tired Alam kong Medyo ung gawa ko =) pero ill try my best. Thanks
  10. help,

    i tried it but it fails =(( i try at @go 0 to be at Dicastes01 but when i recompile it it fails
  11. help,

    Can i ask How To Change The @go 0?? example : @go 0 = Prontera and i wan't to Make It Rachel Town?? @go 0 = Rachel Town Anyone?
  12. [Request] Quest NPC

    Sorry About That Emoticons. i will not use those from now. Btw Emistry.this will work on slotted items?.
  13. [Request] Quest NPC

    Sir can i Ask? How can i Make A Quest with Sign item =)) Like if you make Megingjard you will get (Name)+Item =)) Thanks
  14. [Error]NPC Script

    ill make this for you xD For Mushroom Jumper =)) Update Jumper =))
  15. Cashpoints to PODS

    try This =))