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  1. Yes, is it possible to port this to eAthena?
  2. Anyone knows how to setup one? Ill pay add me in skype: fxedward
  3. Then open a new post on Source Discussion and hear what people say. hmm, try patch it manually yourself, it should be easy. Hello, I tried to patch it manually. But, there are a lot of errors while compiling. Please make a patch for eA.
  4. If the flag isn't set, it doesn't bother any default NPC. Flag 1 = Disable Discount 2 = Disable Overcharge Examples Discount & Overcharge are disabled here prontera,147,167,6 shop Shop 1 872,2102:-1,2104:-1,501:-1,3 Overcharge is disabled prontera,147,164,6 shop Shop 2 872,2102:-1,2104:-1,501:-1,2 Discount is disabled prontera,147,161,6 shop Shop 3 872,2102:-1,2104:-1,501:-1,1 When file is loaded with that flag, you will get this Info Screenshot_30.png Download Ahh sorry, from now, I think I just throw my modification on my fork (under PServeRO account), it'll easier for me to update some mode later. Diff: Cyd, can you also release for eA? please
  5. Hello, Can anybody help me. I want a npc to check if party leader is dead. Like when party leader is dead. the npc will say "Your party leader is dead". Thank you.
  6. Reducto

    Shop System

    Cyd, can you release with a specific npc also? I really need this I added you in skype. I need your services!
  7. Hello, Can anybody help me count user in multiple map and out put it in a chatbox? Example: "0 Player in PVP"
  8. Reducto

    Proxy Server

    Anyone knows how to setup it in linux? I will pay for it. Just PM ME.
  9. How to make body relocation will not be usable for 3 seconds when hit.
  10. Back in the day (I was using 2012 client) I simply put cards into equipment that didn't have slots shown (client side) and the client changed the colour of the equipment o-o. Doing this u just calling up errors in clientside.... I want to buy your mod sir;. Please PM me.
  11. Can anybody help me convert this to fluxcp. mysql_connect('127.0.01', 'ragnarok', 'ragnarok'); mysql_select_db('ragnarok'); $res = mysql_query('SELECT `value` FROM `mapreg` WHERE `index` = 0 AND `varname` = \'$poringwinner$\' LIMIT 1'); $res = mysql_fetch_row($res); thank you!
  12. Settings > Uncheck Snap: Attack, Skill, Item
  13. add me franz.escueta lets talk in skype.
  14. Dude can you convert it also in eAthena. I also use eAthena SVN beside from hercules. Thanks! I guess that all depends on who you're talking to. Me? Yes! OnEmo: [email protected]=2; //Delay in seconds. [email protected]=gettimetick(2); if([email protected]_parameters$[0]!=""&&@a<[email protected] for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize(.emo$);[email protected]++) if(compare(.emo$[[email protected]],[email protected]_parameters$[0])) { @[email protected][email protected]; emotion [email protected],1; end; } if(@a>[email protected] end; dispbottom "Emotion not found!"; DUde can you convert this to eAthena. I also you use eAthena beside from hercules.