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  1. Good afternoon folks! I'm using a script that creates instances for PT. Would you like to know how to make the npc summon mobs when talking to him? prontera,150,150,0 script Dark Emissary 100,{ . @ mdName $ = "Kingdom of Darkness"; mes "[Emissary of Darkness]"; mes "The city is completely destroyed!"; mes "Few people will survive the attack of the dreaded The Dark!"; next; mes "Help me eliminate everyone in the Kingdom of Darkness"; mes "That I will grant you great rewards!"; next; switch (select ("Open Kingdom: Enter Kingdom: Leave Kingdom")) { next; case 1: if (countitem (7227) <1) { mes "[Emissary of Darkness]"; mes "Bring me the Key of Darkness and I will open the gates to the Kingdom of Darkness"; mes "Requirement:"; mes "1x" + getitemname (7227); close; } if (instance_create (. @ mdName $) <0) { mes "^ 0000ff" +. @ mdName $ + "^ 000000 cannot be opened now."; close; } mes "[Emissary of Darkness]"; mes "The gate for ^ 0000ff" +. @ mdName $ + "^ 000000 has been opened."; mes "I wish you luck !."; close; case 2: if (instance_enter (. @ mdName $)) { mes "[Emissary of Darkness]"; mes "There was a problem entering the instance."; close; } end; case 3: instance_destroy (); mes "[Emissary of Darkness]"; mes "The instance has been destroyed."; close; } } nov_grnds,218,71,1 script Dark Emissary 100,{ mes "Hello" + StrCharInfo (0) + ", Do you want to start Solo mode?"; next; if (select ("Yes, come on: No, thanks") == 2) {close; } mes "Okay, good luck!"; close; }
  2. Boa tarde galera! Estou utilizando um script que cria instancias para PT. Gostaria de saber como fazer o npc invocar os mobs ao falar com ele? prontera,150,150,0 script Emissário das Trevas 100,{ [email protected]$ = "Reino das Trevas"; mes "[Emissário das Trevas]"; mes "A cidade esta toda destruída!"; mes "Poucas pessoas sobreviverão ao ataque do tão temido The Dark!"; next; mes "Me ajude a eliminar todos no Reino das Trevas"; mes "Que lhe concederei grandiosas recompensas!"; next; switch(select("Abrir Reino:Entrar no Reino:Abandonar Reino")) { next; case 1: if(countitem(7227) < 1) { mes "[Emissário das Trevas]"; mes "Traga-me a Chave da Escuridão que abrirei os portões para o Reino das Trevas"; mes "Requerimento:"; mes "1x "+getitemname(7227); close; } if (instance_create([email protected]$) < 0) { mes "^0000ff" + [email protected]$ + "^000000 não pode ser aberto agora."; close; } mes "[Emissário das Trevas]"; mes "O portão para o ^0000ff" + [email protected]$ + "^000000 foi aberto."; mes "Te desejo boa sorte!."; close; case 2: if (instance_enter([email protected]$)) { mes "[Emissário das Trevas]"; mes "Ocorreu um problema ao entrar na instância."; close; } end; case 3: instance_destroy(); mes "[Emissário das Trevas]"; mes "A instância foi destruída."; close; } } nov_grnds,218,71,1 script Emissário das Trevas 100,{ mes "Olá "+StrCharInfo(0)+", Deseja iniciar o modo Solo?"; next; if(select("Sim, vamos lá:Não, obrigado") == 2 ) { close; } mes "Ok, boa sorte!"; close; }
  3. Galera vi um sistema em alguns servidores de ragnarok que funciona da seguinte forma. Vc dropa um equipamento e ele vem com atributos aleatórios. isso funciona no Rathena atual ou outro emulador? Se sim, como faço para aplicar em custons ? Faz tempo que não mexo com emuladores e gostaria de saber sobre isso
  4. How do I set an item to give bonuses to certain char by ChariD ?
  5. You can create a npc which can transfer the refining of an item to the other ? EX : Ice Pick is +10 , to go to the npc with the transfer of stone , it passes the +10 Refining of Ice Pick , for Grimtooth it was +0.
  6. nelax

    Kafra, and YGG

    In this latest version of Rathena I came across the following problem. when I'm in pvp and @storage, I can not use YGG with open kafra
  7. nelax

    Kafra, and YGG

    How to release the YGG can be used while kafra is open?
  8. nelax

    Merchant Card

    I would create a Merchant Card when equipping the accessory of the trade skills and Customize cart. Equipping it automatically receives the cart and get the item the cart disappears.
  9. nelax


    Is there any way to convert the database from my SVN server for rathena? Accounts, Chars, Invetário, Storage and etc ... No need to reset everything?
  10. I would modify the ability of the Spirit of Soul Linker wizard, priest and teacher. What will give with this modification? When the Soul Linker link these classes all magic reflected by Maya Card never damages Cost of a certain item.
  11. Would you like a npc that makes the invocation of thanatos, and that each person can only summon thanatos 1 every 3 hours
  12. Good morning guys needed a TOP Emp Breaker for WoE and not to emp break test
  13. I need a crazy refine that do the following If the player refine the equipment without proper item for refining would be difficult to reach the 10 sample success rate +1 = 100% +2 = 90% +3 = 80% +4 = 70% +5 = 40% +6 = 20% +7 = 5% +8 = 3% +9 = 2% 1 = +10% If you have a special item for refining the chance would be 100% of 1-10 would be necessary to put 10 Refining Stone to achieve +10 @Edit The idea is that, if I do not have the stone refining the chance to fail there as I mentioned, but if the guy has the stone refining is 100% chance to refine the item and npc honed 1 on 1
  14. nelax

    Cash shop

    I'm having trouble looking at this in the cash shop... and not purchase the item
  15. nelax

    Quota System

    Thus I said is easier not need to change the script
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