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  1. i have same problem on other item @BeWan can you teach me how to use sprite editor?
  2. NPC will spawn in random maps and if you find him/her click the npc pub with random set of letters or numbers like in the image below. you need to type the correct combination to crack the pub TIA! who can help me to have this kind of event npc.
  3. bump. anyone i need help to solve this problem.
  4. Hello to all script expert. can you guys help me to have king poring npc same on Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal ? TIA!
  5. any char face forward script or src working on latest version? - script kdjhfksdjf -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: setdir DIR_SOUTH; end; } this is not working and if i use this i got error. how to fix that ? or anyone can recommend new script or src side? thank you
  6. okay. thank you @Mabuhay and @BeWan you two are the best
  7. Hello @Mabuhay can you add disguise event and cluckers on your event manager with modification? if i use @eventjoin and warp in designated map, the event will not start if the participant is 1 player only. + the disguise event support of rand function when it comes to showing monster like rand(first id, last id) - to avoid easy win. TIA!!!
  8. ScarrFace

    3rd Job Suit

    Anyone can help me about my problem? TIA Royal Guard Suit and mount working perfectly but when it comes to Rune knight and get a mount nothing happen
  9. thank you @gidzdlcrz and @BeWan for this!
  10. ScarrFace

    Job Class

    any tutorial how to add new job class? TIA