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  1. @anacondaq there's a problem. it still counts the cash points in the interface + it still counts the cash points when buying. example is when you have 100 token and 0 cash points error message show but if you have 100 cash points and 100 token and if you buy items the deduction is correct. how to update the counts in interface is the new item id currency ? thank you!
  2. do you mind to share your diff?
  3. Highly Recommended, one of the best in town, can help you in times of trouble. keep up the good work.
  4. anyone here can make OnPetLootEvent? purpose to make pet inventory using script.
  5. hello i already upload my flux into vps and check it in browser. its working but how can i change my ip url to domain name?
  6. i did but nothing happen patcher works but when i upload website files nothing happen. and what to put on nameservers on domain to work or to read the vps platform?
  7. anyone can teach me or can send a link how to install/run website in putty? TIA!
  8. when i implement this mod. this happen when i use ./athena-start stop.how to fix this? Latest git version.
  9. when i implement this mod. this happen when i use ./athena-start stop. how to fix this? Latest git version.
  10. can you replace the specific map and put savepoint?
  11. how did you fix it? please share it.
  12. sir @Emistry i know how to enable/disable show zeny. im talking about how to remove the required zeny to view the quest materials of the item? thank you
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