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  1. how did you fix it? please share it.
  2. sir @Emistry i know how to enable/disable show zeny. im talking about how to remove the required zeny to view the quest materials of the item? thank you
  3. how to implement warp "SavePoint",0,0; on the script? Every time i add this, it will stop working properly.
  4. How to remove required zeny to view the item requirements on the item? well ofcourse i want to have required zeny on materials to quest the item. What i mean is Example: if i set 10m zeny on knife + materials on the item i need 10m to view the item materials what i want is even if you dont have 10m zeny you can view the materials.
  5. thank you as always @BeWan it helps to balance my server
  6. easy to use than talking in the npc. i love it thank you for this release
  7. i have same problem on other item @BeWan can you teach me how to use sprite editor?
  8. NPC will spawn in random maps and if you find him/her click the npc pub with random set of letters or numbers like in the image below. you need to type the correct combination to crack the pub TIA! who can help me to have this kind of event npc.
  9. bump. anyone i need help to solve this problem.