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  1. Anyone here can give a all in one npc easy config script? like i will call the npc name and it will already add in the choices? TIA!
  2. 1. i will cast devo to my party member and defender on 2. enemy player hit my pt member - " works fine " 3. but when i cast my devo skill again to my pt member the defender reduce damage gone but the icon defender skill and the effect of slow still there anyone can help me to fix this? Thank you!
  3. thank you. but can i request it will create own table like "reward_table" and all recorded in the table when player claim the reward this is IP based or account based. sorry for asking too much. newbie on developing
  4. i saw that already but i request different from that one.
  5. how? can you edit it for me? sorry i am really newbie. thank you
  6. it work. thank you so much can you give me ip based and account based? please? thank you in advance.
  7. @BeWan thank you for this sir.
  8. Anyone can help me to have First 50 Reward NPC with pub of remaining players to claim the first 50? with using the last unique id of gepard and with using IP or account based Thank you in advance.
  9. thank you so much.
  10. got an error [Warning]: script:getelementofarray: index out of range (-3) [Debug]: Data: variable name='[email protected]' index=0 after i click the menu nothing happen and got stuck.
  11. hello thank you this is what im looking for. but there's a problem in the script its null item when choosing the 2nd option and the 3rd one.
  12. Also theres no rate config in the script. You just declare rand function for case
  13. Always 100% success in trading
  14. success rate not working.
  15. ScarrFace

    Item Trader

    I'm looking for item trader/exchanger with success/failed rate and multiple item list ex: poring card 10 pcs trade to poporing card 1 pc with 50% success rate poporing card 5 pcs trade to marin card 1 pc with 25% success rate and so on.