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  1. @Loke Were you able to get this file? Also having this issue.
  2. Awesome, let me check and will get back to this topic to post an answer Thank you!
  3. Im getting the error attached every time I use single-target Homunculus skills. GetSkillAttackRange [string "buf"]:262: attempt to index field 'AttackRange' (a nil value) I have an updated lua files from The client files are in Pre-renewal. Using 20180621 client I would really appreciate any help on this. I tried searching for answers but no one mentioned how they fixed it. Thanks in advance
  4. Is there an update to this guild package script?
  5. Hello @Mabuhay you have a typo on line 101, missing semi colon ( ; ) I'm also testing this script Is there a way to safely, end the event?
  6. @Gladius @AinsLord There's an error when trying to reset the room via GM.
  7. There's a bug when trying to reset the room. Also, a player can enter even if they dont have a guild.
  8. Thank you for this! Haven't tested but have a question, if there are minimum of 7 guild members to join the event - who qualified in the guild? or they just need to use the @gvgeventjoin command? Also, if we set the win points to 10, but there are only 7 enemy guild members, how would they achieve the 10 pts? If no one got resurrected, and no other enemy guild member is left alive on the map, does the script automatically confirms the winner?