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  1. this topic had started by someone else, and then another person joined in. Well i was looking at getting my hands on that script to and its funny how only couple of servers had it and no one sells the script. @Emistry willing to work on a similar script ? or anyone else who has this hero quest script which i can use and modify. (wouldnt mind paying $$$)
  2. 3579
  3. everyone got enigma?....... ahh well so did i. I got 27 inch HD screen so i thought i'll upload the full 1920x1080
  4. 334 ......
  5. +1 for bringing ragray alive by rathena. would be very useful At the moment for my players i downloaded the latest kro from rms & patched it then made 2 files of it data.rar & files.rar and uploaded it to my webhost so if someone wants a direct download link i can share it's 1.25 gig data.grf & 300ish mb all the rest of files. (i get about 600 kbps dl speed people in asia get 200 ~ 600 kbps).
  6. i know same thing that i am wondering.... NVM got it.... thanks for the help XD
  7. i don't have it in mine my skills.conf don't have that at all!!!!!
  8. Hmmm unable to find skillsbonus_maxhp_RK:0 <<< u sure it's in skills.conf?
  9. So if i make the MDEF high for MVP would the skill "Dragon's Breath" of rune knight & some skills of 3rd class wizard (duno what it's called) would they have low damage on the MVP then?
  10. Thanks Emistry, i was guna do this and start searching for it u answered my question to
  11. just wondering when u turn the server on using runserver sql . bat all of them are on & working without errors & connected to each other right?
  12. WoW, very nice stuff. So i was talking to chris from bluesky right n asked if he had some stuff i could use for my server he goes yeh but it belongs to "GAYPUFF" and i can't share without his permission i was like "Gaypuff" are u like making a joke or something? Then i randomly found this..... lol... small world. Thanks for the share
  13. Hi, Well my name is F - Jaan F stands for my first name which is Farhan meaning "Happy" Arabic word "farhan" Jaan stands for "Life" in Urdu Language Combine F(farhan=Happy) with Jaan(life) = Happy Life So Fjaan : 0 My other name i k u <<<< stands for I keel U inspired from the greatest dead terrorist "Achmed The Dead Terrorist" Silence I keel u!!!