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  1. muchas gracias. solamente me aparece este error, pero e agregado los sprites necesarios a mis grf, y aun me sale. incluso cree las carpetas que se llaman "custome_1" y aun sigue saliendo
  2. thanks, i already have dorams, i was looking to add something interesting for players hehehe...
  3. Hello, i am asking for help to create an item "equip accessory" to transform in Doram class when item is equipped and return to normal when is unequipped , only to transform and DON´T be able to use Doram´s Skllis. Thanks alot for help
  4. Thanks a lot, but same results. I will delete the skill. Thanks a lot for you hard work and time.
  5. Thanks a lot, excellent video, i am working on that. i still getting the same error even following every step, but it is ok, maybe it can´t be fix in my server. I really appreciate your help to solve this problem.
  6. Hello, i checked every skill and i am working on check details and post it here to notify. I found this error in Wandy / Minstrel Skill, "Sound of destruction" i was trying to fix it and post it here, but it was imposible for me. Can you help me to fix it? It is an important detail. Thanks for your help PS. Every skill works excellent this was the first skill with problems I find.
  7. Exactly, you got the point, this is exactly what i am looking. Same visual effect but dealing damage like a Sharp Shooting. Thanks for your help
  8. I followed your guide and doest work. Always show the same damage error
  9. Hello, Can anyone help me with this bug, Minstrel/Wandy Sound of Destruction show effects but their damage/effect is missing, how can i fix it? Thanks a lot for help. I followed many guides but were not clear, I would like to fix it like their respective effect or add it damage like a damage skill.
  10. Hello, can someone answer me this question please. What is this number? how can i modify that number? thanks a lot for help
  11. oh nice, it works like u said, thanks a lot
  12. Hello, I would like to use the Universal Catalog Silver and other catalog in my server but are not working. Please how can i fix it to use. Thanks for help
  13. thanks a lot, i will wait. nice job
  14. thanks a lot,, i tried so many to patch it but it does not work
  15. thanks a lot, but, what should i download there?