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  1. hex option is seem strange to me, currently i was managed to find a way for this permanent flame effect on map using code but still wondering about the performance of infinite loop when duplicating many instance, i have just post a new topic to ask for guidance in scripting topic, thanks @Naruto. This is my new one: .
  2. Hi all, currently im using this piece of code to do infinite loop that show a permanent effect on npc. I wonder if this way is good for performance if i duplicate many npc like this in an instance( about 50 each instance)? If not, is there anyway better than this (coding and not edit the map as i want to flexible in changing the position)? - script Dump HIDDEN_WARP_NPC,{ OnInstanceInit: while(1) { disablenpc(instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))); sleep 130; enablenpc(instance_npcname(strnpcinfo(0))); misceffect 696; sleep rand(150,250); } }
  3. Hi all, currently im using BrowEdit to edit a map. I'm able to make some effect( the blue torch effect) on specific location on this map but seem can't find way to increase the effect size. Is there any way to do this with BrowEdit? I have use change the scale param of effect from 1 to 5.8 but still can't see the effect size change T_T.
  4. Thanks @Seravy, i will take a look on the source.
  5. I'm currently use setunitdata to change str,min attk and max attk of a mob like this: // Save current mob data getunitdata .GID, [email protected]_arr; // Cache origin value of mob for the first time to calculate anger later if (!.origin_sch_data) { copyarray .origin_sch_data[0], [email protected]_arr[0], getarraysize([email protected]_arr); } set [email protected], .origin_sch_data[UMOB_ATKMIN] + .anger_arr[1] * 2; set [email protected], .origin_sch_data[UMOB_ATKMAX] + .anger_arr[1] * 2; setunitdata .GID,UMOB_STR,.origin_sch_data[UMOB_STR] + .anger_arr[1]; setunitdata .GID,UMOB_ATKMIN,[email protected]; setunitdata .GID,UMOB_ATKMAX,[email protected]; But as i log through the command line, i can see that the atk of mob is decreasing instead of increasing: This is small piece of code i put into setunitdata source code to log: if (calc_status) { status_calc_bl(&md->bl, SCB_BATTLE); ShowDebug("log current min-maxatk: %d %d\n", md->status.rhw.atk, md->status.rhw.atk2); } Also this is the stat of the mob i spawn: Is there any wrong with command "setunitdata" for atk calculating? Another try: When i increase int, the matk is increase too.
  6. Hi @sader1992, do we have anyway in script command to do effect like flame wave in my picture, me and @Naruto have already figured out the effect id, thank you.
  7. you mean, the thorn of magic mob and the torch? Can you show me how to flip between them in script.
  8. Yes @Naruto, actually when in darkness map the effect 696 become purple and match my need, thank you very much for this. Maybe with the thorn of magic mobs, i can do like make a new mob that has torch and thorn sprite combine. Let me think deeper if there is any way to make flame wave like the first image, this maybe the most tricky part in this instance.
  9. Yes @Naruto, i have checked the [email protected]_prq.lub, all the textures use smoke2 with different color and i think they want to make smoke effect like this I've also checked in data.grf and found this which seem similar to the flame but it look darker I think that, not only the flame wave in my first image but also the throne of magic also have their flame under it body so you suggestion to create a custom one would be great. I have never use BrowEdit so i don't know if it can make the flame wave effect like so and let me control the appearance of flame wave through scripting or edit the server code, can you tell me more about this?
  10. Hi @Naruto the map is [email protected]_prq( attachment), and the data.grf is from client20190225( it's 2.5gb so i can't upload it here). [email protected]_prq.zip
  11. Yes @Naruto, i already have the mapcache of this instance and i use kro 20190225.
  12. I want to make flame effect like this one when trying to make the Downfall instance, more specifically maybe i will create some hidden npc and make this effect on them then moving them. I want to ask if their is any effect in effect_list.txt like this or is their any way to make effect like this: Thank you for help :D.
  13. Thank you all, by replacing the bmp as your guys said, i have successfully remove the minimap :D.
  14. Hi, is there anyway to hide minimap of specific map?
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