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  1. Even rediff'd the client to make sure they weren't. The above wouldn't really do me any good as it's an online server, and doesn't match the rest of the relevant settings. I've also tried placing the yellow entry in every conceivable spot inbetween <connection> </connection> Other things tried: Just aid Just yellow Servicetype as America instead of Korea Langtype as 0, despite needing it to be 1 Barebone's diff'd client with dak's 2020 translation profile Like I said, it could be something with the new version and it may not be possible for one reason or another at this time. And if so, is what it is. Grateful for the feedback up to this point!
  2. Using the 2020-04-01b client, server itself is the latest rAthena release, with the 2020-04-09 full client as the base. Account ID is group 99 in SQL. ClientInfo.xml is in the GRF, data entered below. Account has the GM level command access, but no yellow name, nor the GM Sprite. Let me know if any other info is needed for suggestions! AFAIK, it matches all previous posts on this topic that I could find. And I accept it may just be that something is different in the newest build that hasn't been identified yet. Thanks for your help in advance! <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Client Information</desc> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>Local</display> <address>REDACTED</address> <port>6900</port> <version>55</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb>REDACTED</registrationweb> <yellow> <admin>2000000</admin> <admin>2000002</admin> </yellow> <aid> <admin>2000000</admin> <admin>2000002</admin> </aid> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> <image>loading02.jpg</image> <image>loading03.jpg</image> <image>loading04.jpg</image> <image>loading05.jpg</image> <image>loading06.jpg</image> </loading> </connection> </clientinfo>
  3. You need to change it to > 98 if you want 99 to be able to use it. The coding above implies greater than 99. if(getgroupid() > 98) {
  4. Do you mean physically for a player to check what they are, or do you mean how to code with the class itself being checked in the code? I know one example i've used to call 3rd class in scripts is if ( [email protected] & EAJL_THIRD ) if ( [email protected] & EAJL_THIRD )
  5. Hey all. Looking for which file actually needs edited for the above change. The only variable I seem to find is duration in time, not hits. Looking to play around with adjusting the number of hits this is up for, and can't quite find where to change it.
  6. I believe this is technically a source edit, not scripting. But neither here nor there. https://rathena.org/board/topic/58476-weapon-lvl-5-for-the-skill-weapon-refine/ Did a bit of searching and found this. Haven't tried it myself, but its at least a starting point!
  7. Are you using the latest rAthena/have you made modifications to ipban.c? Mine stops at line 249
  8. Error: 'struct mmo_charstatus' has no member named 'cart' ,pl_sd->status.cart[pl_sd->vending[j].index].card[0] How would this need to be editted to make it functional since the changes went into place for the storage optimization? Relevant to @whosell command.
  9. I'll give it a shot! Thank you! Didn't realize he had done an rA one.
  10. That npc is an automatic 100% upgrade to the ticket level. I want the iRO version, which +7 only works from +6-+7 and just prevents it from breaking, while avoiding the level drop from HD ori/elu,etc.
  11. I'm wanting to add the safe cert function to the Mighty Hammer npc, but so far I've only managed to find the hercules script for it, which obviously doesn't do much good. Below is the hercules version of the script if that would help anyone. Essentially I want the +7 Safe certificate to work from +6 to +7, using the base upgrade rates, but rather than drop a level on failure, it stays the same. hugel,90,135,4 script MightyHammer2 4_M_DWARF,{ disable_items; set [email protected]$,"[^0000FFBlacksmith Mighty Hammer^000000]"; mes [email protected]$; mes "Unlike others, I am a blacksmith who can refine items without breaking them!"; mes "I refine items that are 7 ~ 9 with ^377664HD Elunium^000000 and ^366664HD Oridecon^000000."; mes "My specialty is that even if my refining ^FF0000fails, the level decreases by just 1 level without losing the gear.^000000 isn't it great?"; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "I can also use ^377664HD Carnium^000000 and ^377664HD Bradium^000000 + "+callfunc("int__",.HD10RefineCost)+"z to refine items that are "; mes "^990000+10 and higher.^000000"; mes "If I fail the item will only degrade 1 level except if the item is +10, in which case it ^000099will stay +10^000000!"; mes "Thats where I earned my nickname of ^009900'ole +11'^000000 back in Blacksmith college!"; mes "^FF0000Safe to +n^000000 Armor, Headgear and Weapon Certificates to prevent a downgrade."; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "By happenstance I can also use the '^000099Safe to +6/7/8/9 Certificates^000000' along with Elunium-Oridecon to make the attempts from 4 to 6 safe."; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "If by some Miracle you have a ^000099Safe to +10 certificate^000000 then I can attempt to go from +9 to +10,"; mes "consume the Certificate and the HD Ore and ensure the item does NOT degrade on Failure."; mes "If the item gets to +9, and you have one of the Safe to +10 Certificates in inventory then that special option will open up."; mes "So lets kick this into overdrive, what d'ya say?"; next; setarray [email protected]$[1], "Head","Body","Left hand","Right hand","Robe","Shoes","Accessory 1","Accessory 2","Head 2","Head 3"; set [email protected]$,""; for( set [email protected],1; [email protected] <= 10; set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ) { if( getequipisequiped([email protected]) ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "-" + "[ ^FF0090" + getequipname([email protected]) + "^000000 ]"; else set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "- Empty"; set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + ":"; } set [email protected],select([email protected]$); if( !getequipisequiped([email protected]) ) { mes [email protected]$; mes "You're not wearing anything..."; close; } else if( !getequipisenableref([email protected]) ) { mes [email protected]$; mes "I don't think this item is refine-able at all."; close; } else if( !getequipisidentify([email protected]) ) { mes [email protected]$; mes "This item has not been identified. So, it can't be refined."; close; } set [email protected],getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]); if ( [email protected] < 4 ) { mes [email protected]$; mes "Make sure the item is at least +4, before asking me to upgrade it."; close; } set [email protected],getequipweaponlv([email protected]); if( [email protected] != 0 && [email protected] < 3 ) { mes [email protected]$; mes "I'm sorry your Weapon must be of level 3 or 4 before I can upgrade it."; close; } RefineStart: set [email protected],0; // Reset CertId on loop set [email protected],getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]); // Refresh Refine Level mes [email protected]$; switch([email protected]) { case 1: // Upper Head if([email protected] == 1) mes "I'm a blacksmith, not a hairstylist."; case 2: // Body if([email protected] == 2) mes "With my hammer, I will make you a star of the sky."; case 5: // Robe if([email protected] == 5) mes "Bring out the item so I can refine it!"; case 6: // Shoes if([email protected] == 6) mes "Where is this foot order coming from?"; if([email protected]) goto HDRef10Armor; switch([email protected]) { case 4: case 5: if([email protected]) goto HDRef7Armor; set [email protected],.SafeTo6ArmorCertificate; // Safe to 6 Armor set [email protected],.NormalElunium; // Normal Elunium break; case 6: if([email protected]) goto HDRef7Armor; set [email protected],.SafeTo7ArmorCertificate; // Safe to 7 Armor set [email protected],.NormalElunium; // Normal Elunium break; case 7: HDRef7Armor: if(countitem(.SafeTo8ArmorCertificate)) { set [email protected],.SafeTo8ArmorCertificate; // Safe to 8 Armor set [email protected],.NormalElunium; // Normal Elunium } else { set [email protected],.HDElunium; // HD Elunium set [email protected],1; } break; case 8: if(countitem(.SafeTo9ArmorCertificate)) { set [email protected],.SafeTo9ArmorCertificate; // Safe to 9 Armor set [email protected],.NormalElunium; // Normal Elunium } else { set [email protected],.HDElunium; // HD Elunium set [email protected],1; } break; case 9: if(countitem(.SafeTo10ArmorCertificate)) set [email protected],.SafeTo10ArmorCertificate; // Safe to 10 Cert set [email protected],.HDElunium; // HD Elunium break; case 10: HDRef10Armor: set [email protected],.HDCarnium; set [email protected],1; break; default: if([email protected]) goto HDRef7Armor; close; } break; // Weapons case 3: case 4: mes "Making artificial hands is not my specialty."; if([email protected]) goto HDRef10Weapon; switch([email protected]) { case 4: case 5: if([email protected]) goto HDRef7Weapon; set [email protected],.SafeTo6WeaponCertificate; // Safe to 6 Weapon set [email protected],.NormalOridecon; // Normal Oridecon break; case 6: if([email protected]) goto HDRef7Weapon; set [email protected],.SafeTo7WeaponCertificate; // Safe to 7 Weapon set [email protected],.NormalOridecon; // Normal Oridecon break; case 7: HDRef7Weapon: if(countitem(.SafeTo8WeaponCertificate)) { set [email protected],.SafeTo8WeaponCertificate; // Safe to 8 Weapon set [email protected],.NormalOridecon; // Normal Oridecon } else { set [email protected],.HDOridecon; // HD Oridecon set [email protected],1; } break; case 8: if(countitem(.SafeTo9WeaponCertificate)) { set [email protected],.SafeTo9WeaponCertificate; // Safe to 9 Weapon set [email protected],.NormalOridecon; // Normal Oridecon } else { set [email protected],.HDOridecon; // HD Oridecon set [email protected],1; } break; case 9: set [email protected],.SafeTo10WeaponCertificate; // Safe to 10 Cert set [email protected],.HDOridecon; // HD Oridecon break; case 10: HDRef10Weapon: set [email protected],.HDBradium; set [email protected],1; break; default: if([email protected]) goto HDRef7Weapon; close; } break; /* No case for refining other equipments parts/slots. case 7: case 8: case 9: case 10: */ default: mes "What do you want me to refine?"; close; } set [email protected],(.equipRefLevel<10)?.NormalRefineCost:.HD10RefineCost; // Amount of Zeny to be consumed. set [email protected],countitem([email protected]); if([email protected]) { if(!countitem([email protected]) || [email protected]) set [email protected],0; else if([email protected]) { set [email protected],countitem([email protected]); set [email protected],[email protected]@totalOres; if([email protected] < 0) [email protected] *= -1; set [email protected],([email protected][email protected]@offset)/2; } } else set [email protected],[email protected]; set [email protected],getequippercentrefinery([email protected]); mes "Attempts remaining: ^000099"[email protected]+"^000000"; mes "Item : ^990000+"[email protected]+"^000000 ^009900"+getequipname([email protected])+"^000000"; mes "Success chance : "[email protected]+"%"; mes "can be upgraded with -"; if([email protected] < 10) { mes "^009900"+getitemname([email protected]?.NormalOridecon:.NormalElunium)+"^000000 : ^FF0000UNSAFE - BREAK^000000!"; mes "^009900"+getitemname([email protected]?.HDOridecon:.HDElunium)+"^000000 : ^FF0000UNSAFE -^000000 ^000099DEGRADE^000000!"; mes "Required Zeny - "+callfunc("int__",[email protected])+"z"; } else { mes "^009900"+getitemname([email protected]?.HDBradium:.HDCarnium)+"^000000 : ^FF0000UNSAFE -^000000 ^000099DEGRADE^000000!"; } next; set [email protected]$,([email protected]?(getitemname([email protected])+" and "):"")+"1 "+getitemname([email protected]); if(select([email protected]$,"Please stop") == 2) { mes [email protected]$; mes "Well that is your choice."; close; } else if([email protected]) { mes [email protected]$; mes "Didn't you say you have everything ready?"; mes "1 "+getitemname([email protected]); if([email protected]) mes "and 1 "+getitemname([email protected])+"."; close; } else { if(Zeny < [email protected]) { mes [email protected]$; mes "I thought you said you were ready!"; mes "You don't have enough Zeny for the upgrade."; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Have at least "+callfunc("int__",[email protected])+"z in your inventory."; close; } // Consume requirements dispbottom "1 "+getitemname([email protected])+" has been consumed."; delitem [email protected],1; dispbottom callfunc("int__",[email protected])+"z has been consumed."; set Zeny,[email protected]; // Process refine if([email protected] > rand(100)) { successrefitem [email protected]; emotion e_no1; mes [email protected]$; mes "Did I not tell you that I'm worth it?"; mes "I have refined your item successfully, without a scratch."; next; } else { // Consume cert if required if([email protected]) delitem [email protected],1; mes [email protected]$; mes "By odin's beard... I hadn't expected a negative outcome."; emotion (!rand(5))?e_cash:e_omg; if([email protected]) { mes "But with your certificate, the item stays safe."; specialeffect2 155; // Failed Refine Effect } else if([email protected] != 10) { // Do not degrade if refine level is less than 10. mes "I'm sorry! your item has downgraded by 1 refine level."; downrefitem [email protected],1; } else specialeffect2 155; // Failed Refine Effect mes "May be my next attempt will be a success, please try again."; next; } goto RefineStart; } OnStarteffect: specialeffect 154; sleep 10000; specialeffect 154; goto OnStarteffect; end; OnInit: set .NormalOridecon,984; set .NormalElunium,985; set .HDOridecon,6240; set .HDElunium,6241; set .HDCarnium,6225; set .HDBradium,6226; // Safe Armor Certificates set .SafeTo6ArmorCertificate,6235; set .SafeTo7ArmorCertificate,6234; set .SafeTo8ArmorCertificate,6233; set .SafeTo9ArmorCertificate,6232; set .SafeTo10ArmorCertificate,6457; // Safe Weapon Certificates set .SafeTo6WeaponCertificate,6231; set .SafeTo7WeaponCertificate,6230; set .SafeTo8WeaponCertificate,6229; set .SafeTo9WeaponCertificate,6228; set .SafeTo10WeaponCertificate,6457; // same as armor set .HD10RefineCost,100000; set .NormalRefineCost,50000; goto OnStarteffect; end; } // mes By Odin's beard that was bad luck!! // mes Well I failed but it is the same level uas before prt_in,59,54,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#prt 4_M_DWARF morocc_in,65,30,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#morocc 4_M_DWARF payon,148,176,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#pay 4_M_DWARF alberta_in,16,56,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#alb 4_M_DWARF yuno_in01,171,18,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#yuno 4_M_DWARF ein_in01,22,82,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#ein 4_M_DWARF lhz_in02,280,19,3 duplicate(Mighty Hammer) Mighty Hammer#lhz 4_M_DWARF
  12. You had to make a post first. Which you just did.
  13. Some people like the 20151102 client. This is the workaround for those that do.
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