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  1. is it possible to resize magnum break skill texture effect like reaching 12x12 ?
  2. In Lord knight class u can pm me if needed
  3. U joking I said just like u did in the picture
  4. server is pre-re mode btw and i replaced RE luafiles514 did not work i have re-edit only skilltreeview.lua/lub
  5. Can you give more detail ? I guess it need source modification !
  6. i have done with luafiles514 but no work and can you help me in my new topic if possible
  7. i recently added 3rd job skills on trans classes but it turned out the 3rd skills has been written/coded as 2nd skills once it's on 2nd skill tree tab and that's why it won't be read by jobchange_level_3rd,70; how i make 3rds skills be coded with jobchange_level_3rd,70;?
  8. no for 2nd classes only no 3rd jobs no im not indo
  9. i've updated luafiles514 form zackdreaver but 3rd skill are not showing on 2nd skill tree tab? please if you know solution reply
  10. Ok it worked but when I put 3rd skills on 2nd class it won't work cuz it read as 2nd skills how to make it read as 3rd skills?
  11. i added 3rd skills on 2nd classes and want to make 3rd skill unlocked after all 2nd class points are full but set jobchange_level_3rd,70; is not working callfunc "F_GetPlatinumSkills"; jobchange Job_Lord_Knight; set [email protected], eaclass(); if([email protected]&EAJL_2) set jobchange_level_3rd,70; Resetskill; mes "[Platinum Skill NPC]"; mes "There you go!"; close; }
  12. i need someone to tell me how do make variable at int pc_calc_skilltree_normalize_job(struct map_session_data *sd) --> in pc.cpp modification for 3rd skills obtained in quest npc for 2nd classes/trans example: job3rd_sp
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