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  1. Check if the character ID has 'autotrade' = 1 in table 'vendings'
  2. You can probably create a Fail2Ban recipe.. that's what I would do
  3. According to the commit notes, they are 100% official for level 1 to 150 And everything after that is a continuation of the increases from 99-150.
  4. You can try editing this in core.h /// Uncomment to enable the job base HP/SP table (job_basehpsp_db.txt) #define HP_SP_TABLES Comment it out to disable HP/SP tables.
  5. You're probably referring to the HP/SP changes in this commit: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/b7431efa03cd6d735956320f20582df120ba3952
  6. It's not a unix permission issue. Your Flux setting does not have the correct username/password/database information. Make sure they are correct and that you can connect using a normal mysql client.
  7. rayn

    Mac Ban

    MAC address is non-routable. And someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think a default client sends MAC info to the server. I believe you need to create a hook for that.
  8. Sure, you can do it via a script, but again, I wouldn't recommend it. Try it and see how well it works and let us know
  9. Memory used does not mean memory used by your login/char/map servers. Memory is also used for OS caching, paging, among other things, so it will increase. The problem with most VPS is CPU contention ratio - that is, how many other VPSes are sharing the physical CPU cores. My guess is, if it's not a memory issue (which I doubt), then it's likely a CPU resource issue. Lastly, run some I/O tests to see what your I/O speeds are. If your system is paging from lack of physical RAM, AND your I/O is slow, then you'll experience major slowness.
  10. Also make sure the char slot in the new account is not already taken. If so, change the char slot. Personally, I find it is best to not do things like this on a running server. If you do - make sure the character leaves guild and party, and unfriends all friends.
  11. Make sure you enable or disable packet obfuscation support based on your client configuration. https://rathena.org/board/topic/101092-packet-obfuscation-support/
  12. Please post to Issue Tracker with your GIT revision https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/
  13. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL - it should work fine. Report back to us if it does not
  14. Did you ever figure this out? I don't think newer clients support Multi Language hex. Anyone able to get a recent (2013+) client working with multiple language input support?
  15. rayn

    donation problem

    I would recommend turning off Cloudflare complete when testing. Perhaps also try a live donation test instead of using Paypal's sandbox? Double check to make sure you are, indeed, using the latest Flux from our GIT repository, as the previous revisions did not process Paypal transactions properly. Also, make sure you are testing with the default theme.
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