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  1. emulator/conf/char_athena.conf // Manage possible letters/symbol in the name of charater. Control character (0x00-0x1f) are never accepted. Possible values are: // NOTE: Applies to character, party and guild names. // 0: no restriction (default) // 1: only letters/symbols in 'char_name_letters' option. // 2: Letters/symbols in 'char_name_letters' option are forbidden. All others are possibles. char_name_option: 1 // Set the letters/symbols that you want use with the 'char_name_option' option. // Note: Don't add spaces unless you mean to add 'space' to the list. char_name_letters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890
  2. i got this error incompatible palets '-'
  3. Hi guys '-' i have a problem, in my scripts, some arquives apeears an error like this: 'Assistente Kafra#prtg_cas03' is too long (len=27) in file 'npc/gde/prtg_cas03.txt', line'114'. Truncating to 24 characters. my mmo.h: #define NAME_LENGTH (23 + 1) #define NPC_NAME_LENGTH 37 for now, when i set NPC_NAME_LENGHT to 37, don't change anything '-' some reason? what more arquives i do to change? waiting '-' @edit Solved! https://rathena.org/board/topic/71004-how-to-change-the-max-npc-name-length/ Follow this support post, and now my emulator is ok! thank's for all, #close
  4. if(#CASHPOINTS >= 1){ warp "map",x,y; end; } else { mes "you can't have Cashpoints."; close; }
  5. set .gm_level,100; try this
  6. Oh really, i'm sorry '-' But are only this error?
  7. set .@Delay = 5; // Heal delay, in seconds
  8. Try this prontera,135,74,1<tab>cashshop<tab>Cash Shop<tab>862,30000:100
  9. But is just correct.. OnDay1119: Event ends 19/11 -> OnDay11 = month 11 / OnDay1119 = month 11 day 19 OnDay1103: Event starts 04/11 OnMinute00: Check if is 00 (24hrs) onclock.
  10. Oh thank's (: Reputed +1
  11. Well, i need insert a option in this script, to randomic style, between cloths, hair style and hair color, randomically. Is possible? Script:
  12. Something like this, can edit with ur infos query_sql "INSERT INTO `storage` (`id`, `account_id`, `nameid`, `amount`, `identify`, `refine`, `attribute`, `card0`, `card1`, `card2`, `card3`, `expire_time`) VALUES (NULL, '"+getcharid(3)+"', '"+$PackGuild3[@i]+"', '"+$PackQnt3[@i]+"', '"+getcharid(2)+"', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0')";
  13. Be sure these script are in correct folder npc/custom/battleground or U can use @unloadnpcfile npc/custom/battleground/bg_emp.txt
  14. I have same problem, any solution?