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  1. That way, can I add new strings? For example: I want to create a new in-game window. Would it be possible to do that? Thank you.
  2. Procura nos diff, algo com "extended" pra ver se acha algo compatível... Nunca me deparei com esse erro...
  3. But i need to configure before no?
  4. I dont use this command yet...
  5. What command show version of devtools? I'll try this command, and reply here
  6. Hi. So, what folder is recommended for emulator? My: /var/opt/emulator #edit @edit 2 My VPS is running, this command can disable my vps? or lost my files?
  7. Hi, i'm trying to compile a old emulador +/- 2012. VPS has installed zlib. But when digit coomand ./configure Show this error on console: configure: error: zlib library not found or incompatible, please specify the correct path with --with-zlib=DIR... stopping Version zlib instaled: Package zlib-1.2.7-18.el7.x86_64 already installed and latest version Somebody can tell me what to do? ths
  8. which npc is this?
  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me which files in the texture / basic_interface folder are responsible for this "message box"? Thanks. @edit I found files called "sysbox_ld.bmp", "sysbox_lm.bmp", "sysbox_lu.bmp", "sysbox_md.bmp", "sysbox_mu.bmp", "sysbox_rd.bmp", "sysbox_rm.bmp", "sysbox_ru.bmp". Hexed 20141022a. Can close topic.
  10. i'm using 20180620RagexeRE
  11. @Akkarin Got it. But even changing fontY doesn't change anything in announce. It remains in the same position on the screen.
  12. Even trying to copy the "announce" command, making the changes to leave it just below the old one, changing the X and Y and align positions. Even after compiling, there is no change in the game. Anybody know? const char *mes = script_getstr(st,2); int flag = script_getnum(st,3); const char *fontColor = script_hasdata(st,4) ? script_getstr(st,4) : NULL; int fontType = script_hasdata(st,5) ? script_getnum(st,5) : FW_NORMAL; // default fontType int fontSize = script_hasdata(st,6) ? script_getnum(st,6) : 12; // default fontSize int fontAlign = script_hasdata(st,7) ? script_getnum(st,7) : 0; // default fontAlign int fontY = script_hasdata(st,8) ? script_getnum(st,8) : 0; // default fontY doc/scripts_commands.txt Optional parameters may not work well (or at all) depending on a game client used.
  13. i don't have, because i'm download a version of custom emulator.
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