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  1. Ok, I intend to get this function but it seems very difficult to create this haha
  2. Sorry, I'm very bad in English. The question was if you have in your projects a .DLL file that takes the mac address and sends it to the ragnarok emulator?
  3. do you have any DLLs and the diff that you can implement in the executable?
  4. I'm new to this, how could I send and receive information
  5. @Normynator I have the source of a project that has the function, but I do not know how to implement to send the packet and the emulator receive the command:
  6. I intend to use the mac inside systems within the game, without the need to pay a shield for it. since normal ip is easier to circumvent
  7. Someone who can help in creating a .dll file that injects into the executable to save the mac address of the player.
  8. Do you have the monsters minions of the league of legends?

    I am creating a BG moba style league of legends.

    1. smiths12


      Don't have, sorry.

  9. very good, I'm creating a bg moba style league of legends, but I still do not have a map of this. I'm interested
  10. - script check_pvp -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: if (getmapflag( strcharinfo(3),mf_pvp )) { message strcharinfo(0),"The map is currently in PVP mode so be ready!"; } end; } pay_fild08 mapflag loadevent
  11. What is the command to turn the emulator on and off only in a folder?
  12. em qual parte da source que altero para traduzir o horário do servidor. ex: saturday = sábado / april = abril. se alguem pode me manda a parte da alteração agradeço... ^^
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