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  1. Check the map server is there is an error.
  2. crate_reveal <mobid>,<flag>,<color> I want to create a script command that will show monster in the map of players but I am having a problem if I am doing it right. anyone can help me continue this? int crate_loc(block_list * bl, va_list ap) { struct map_session_data *sd = (struct map_session_data *)bl; struct mob_data *md; nullpo_ret(bl); nullpo_ret(md = (struct mob_data *)bl); int npc_id, type, x, y, id, color, mob_id; npc_id = va_arg(ap, int); mob_id = va_arg(ap, int); type = va_arg(ap, int); color = va_arg(ap, int); if (mob_id == 0 || md->bl.type != BL_MOB || md->mob_id != mob_id) return 0; x = md->bl.x; y = md->bl.y; id = md->bl.id; clif_viewpoint(sd, npc_id, type, x, y, id, color); return 0; } BUILDIN_FUNC(crate_reveal) { struct map_session_data *sd; struct block_list *bl; int mob_id = script_getnum(st, 2), flag = script_getnum(st, 3), color = script_getnum(st, 4); sd = (TBL_PC *)bl; map_foreachinmap(crate_loc, sd->bl.m, BL_MOB, st->oid, mob_id, flag, color); return 0; }
  3. Anyone can help me about my issue. I cant recall the autotrade or warp.
  4. Does the leader walk randomly? did you already tried to make it walk the path in front of it and go with obstacles?
  5. nasagnilac


    I am looking for a developer who can work with our AFK system. Has a knowledge in src. I already have a code that randomly walk but I need someone who will optimize or who can reproduce their own. message me in skype: nasagnilac.lerion Project Contains Character moves consistent like in Openkore BOT and avoid obstacles. Search map portals in the map and come close to it.
  6. Already fixed it. the item is not added in the itemdb that cause the error.
  7. I have problem with attendance. Its working before not sure why this message appear.
  8. I am looking for demises of morroc bmp file.
  9. /// List of AFK supported skills. const char afk_supported_skill[] { SM_BASH, SM_ENDURE, MG_ENERGYCOAT, MG_SIGHT, MG_FIREWALL, MG_FROSTDIVER, MG_FIREBOLT, MG_COLDBOLT, MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT, MG_SOULSTRIKE, MG_THUNDERSTORM, AC_DOUBLE, AC_CHARGEARROW, AC_SHOWER, AC_CONCENTRATION, AL_INCAGI, AL_BLESSING, AL_ANGELUS, AL_RUWACH, AL_CURE, AL_PNEUMA, AL_HEAL, MC_MAMMONITE, MC_CARTREVOLUTION, MC_LOUD, TF_POISON, TF_HIDING, TF_DETOXIFY, KN_PIERCE, KN_BOWLINGBASH, KN_BRANDISHSPEAR, KN_TWOHANDQUICKEN, PR_TURNUNDEAD, WZ_FROSTNOVA, WZ_JUPITEL, WZ_STORMGUST, WZ_QUAGMIRE, WZ_VERMILION, WZ_METEOR, WZ_SIGHTBLASTER, BS_ADRENALINE, BS_OVERTHRUST, BS_WEAPONPERFECT, BS_MAXIMIZE, HT_DETECTING, AS_GRIMTOOTH, AS_SONICBLOW, CR_SPEARQUICKEN, CR_REFLECTSHIELD, CR_DEFENDER, CR_GRANDCROSS, CR_AUTOGUARD, MO_CHAINCOMBO, MO_COMBOFINISH, MO_INVESTIGATE, MO_FINGEROFFENSIVE, MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS, MO_CALLSPIRITS, LK_AURABLADE, LK_PARRYING, LK_CONCENTRATION, HW_MAGICPOWER, WS_CARTBOOST, WS_OVERTHRUSTMAX, WS_CARTTERMINATION, SN_SIGHT, SN_WINDWALK, ASC_BREAKER, ASC_METEORASSAULT, PA_PRESSURE, PA_SHIELDCHAIN, PF_MEMORIZE, PF_DOUBLECASTING, ST_PRESERVE, }; for(i=0;i<MAX_SKILL;i++){ inf = skill_get_inf(sd->status.skill[i].id); if (!(inf == 0) && sd->status.skill[i].id > 0 && sd->status.skill[i].lv > 0) { j++; } } if(j > 0){ clif_displaymessage(fd, "[ Character Skills ]"); for(i=0;i<MAX_SKILL;i++){ inf = skill_get_inf(sd->status.skill[i].id); if (!(inf == 0) && sd->status.skill[i].id > 0 && sd->status.skill[i].lv > 0) { ARR_FIND(0, sizeof(afk_supported_skill), a, skill_get_index(afk_supported_skill[a]) == skill_get_index(sd->status.skill[i].id)); if(b == sizeof(afk_supported_skill)){ snprintf(atcmd_output, sizeof atcmd_output, "-- Skill ID: %d | [ %s ] Lv:%d", sd->status.skill[i].id, skill_get_desc(sd->status.skill[i].id), sd->status.skill[i].lv ); clif_displaymessage(fd, atcmd_output); } } } }else{ clif_displaymessage(fd, "Can't find a non-passive skills."); } I want to display the skills that supported only. Thanks in advance to those who can help me.
  10. Maybe the npc is disable. Can you send some part of the code?
  11. just a typo there but working now. Based on my experience on your update. I have arrow, silver, and steel. when I wear the arrow there is no error and not changing. but when you put silver theres still an error message appearing in the chat box that look like its still equipping the used arrow.
  12. I am having a problem in arrow change so I changed it to this. Maybe you can try it also. The main problem on this now is it prioritizing the steel arrow since it has a greater attack. Added this instead of using elemstrong. int arrowstrong(struct mob_data *md, int ele){ if (ele == ELE_WATER) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_FIRE) return 1; }else if (ele == ELE_FIRE) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_EARTH) return 1; }else if (ele == ELE_WIND) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_WATER) return 1; }else if (ele == ELE_EARTH) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_WIND) return 1; }else if (ele == ELE_DARK) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_HOLY) return 1; }else if (ele == ELE_HOLY) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_UNDEAD) return 1; }else if (ele == ELE_GHOST) { if (md->status.def_ele == ELE_GHOST) return 1; }else{ if (md->status.def_ele != ELE_GHOST) return 1; } return 0; }
  13. I am creating a autostorage timer but it dont store the item. Can you please help me check the script. Thanks you. TIMER_FUNC(unit_autostorage){ struct block_list *bl; struct unit_data *ud; bl = map_id2bl(id); if (!bl) return 0; ud = unit_bl2ud(bl); if (!ud) return 0; struct map_session_data *sd = (struct map_session_data*)bl; int i, a; // Store item when weight become 90% if(pc_is90overweight(sd) && sd->state.afk_storeItem == 1){ if (sd->state.storage_flag != 1) { //Open storage. if( storage_storageopen(sd) == 1 ) { return 0; } } for (i = 0; i < MAX_INVENTORY; i++) { ARR_FIND(0, AFKSTOREITEM_LIST, a, sd->state.afk_storeItemlist[a] == sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].nameid); if (a != AFKSTOREITEM_LIST) { if (sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].amount && sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].equip == 0) { storage_storageadd(sd, &sd->storage, i, sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].amount); } } } storage_storageclose(sd); } return 0; }
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