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  1. Dissidia

    Hello about string

    My problem is solved. I just use getd and setd.
  2. Dissidia

    Hello about string

    Hi good day, is this possible? set [email protected]_VALUE_LV1$,"MFOne"; if([email protected]_VALUE_LV1$ >= [email protected]_EXP_LV1) { end; } it doesn't work on my script. Can anyone help? thanks I think i found it "setd"
  3. I can help you arby just pm me in FB - Anjo
  4. Dissidia

    (Solved) Increase stats by %

    bonus bStr,readparam(bStr)*11/100; It will give STR + 11%
  5. Dissidia

    R>Plant Burn damage

    Hello, anyone knows how to change the burn damage to a plant type monster. I want it to change to 1 damage. Thanks in advance.
  6. Dissidia

    Emperium Lucky Dodge?

    Hello, please help, why sometimes my emperium on my server got lucky? players cant hit the emp, all lucky hit for few minutes. then it will gone? is it kind of monster skill?
  7. Dissidia

    Item bonus only in WoE Time ~

    if(agitcheck() || (agitcheck2()) bonus bAllStats,5;
  8. Dissidia

    Emperium Devotion

    Hello, good day. Is it possible to cast the devotion skill to emperium? Please help how. Thanks!
  9.  this is my pc.c


  10. Dissidia

    R>Rebellion and Kagerou/Oboro cloth Palette

    Thank you so much.
  11. Dissidia

    Please help with this error

    please send a missing file. TIA.
  12. requesting 300 Rebellion and Kagerou/Oboro cloth Palette. TIA!
  13. Dissidia

    increasing item cap

    What is the maximum item inventory? possible to set in 1k?
  14. Replace to this: if(sd->inventory_data->type == IT_CHARM)