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  1. Is there an item bonus that give auto assumptio on equip. like eddga card?
  2. double check. if there is 1 missing all headgear will not show.
  3. accessoryid.lub and accname.lub make sure it's same or fitted. No missing ID.
  4. Oh man. I need to enable it 1 by 1. thank you for your help.
  5. Why mechanic can;t use the ETC tab skill when using MADO? how to implement it. I have a custom item which give enable use of EDP and when in mado gear they cant use the EDP. thank you.
  6. As the title say. please help. thank you
  7. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/compiling
  8. I have it on my NYRO server.
  9. It will work. Don't know why they add that. In the previous version there is no code like that.
  10. //if (sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[k].bound) { // clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "Cannot buy with Bound Items."); // return; //}
  11. You can disable it from nemo
  12. Help the item I buy is not bounded but it shows like this.