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  1. So how sir, do you have any script to do that ?
  2. But the point in that script are from SQL Query, so still can use point shop sir ? Bump, anyone help !!
  3. I use woe point from this script -> https://rathena.org/board/topic/78057-woe-point-system/ prontera,155,181,5 script Woe Points 100,{ [email protected] = query_sql( "select name, woe_points from guild order by woe_points desc limit 3", [email protected]_name$, [email protected] ); for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { if ( [email protected][[email protected]] ) break; mes ( [email protected] +1 )+". "+ [email protected]_name$[[email protected]] +" -> "+ [email protected][[email protected]]; } close; OnClock1930: OnClock2000: OnClock2030: OnClock2100: for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < 30; [email protected]++ ) { [email protected]_guild_id = getcastledata( getvariableofnpc( .Castles$[[email protected]], "WOE_CONTROL" ), 1 ); if ( getvariableofnpc( .Active[0], "WOE_CONTROL" ) & 1 << [email protected] && [email protected]_guild_id ) query_sql "update guild set woe_points = woe_points +1 where guild_id = "+ [email protected]_guild_id; } end; OnBreakEmp: // put doevent under OnAgitBreak ... query_sql "update guild set woe_points = woe_points +1 where guild_id = "+ getcharid(2); end; } But i don't know how to let this point to use exchange to other item, thank all !
  4. I use Xampp, win 2008, and have many website on it ( virtualhost domain ), all the website normal but the fluxcp is not, when install and use it ( https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP), i get max cpu when try to remove it, my server normal again ! Please help !
  5. I already have this script, but the problem is script read custom folder for more aura like i said above !
  6. Example: i have a folder call "effectabc" in data/texture/ -> so it is data/texture/effectabc, in this folder it have three small folders, like folder 1, folder 2, folder 3 So it look like - data/texture/effectabc/1 - data/texture/effectabc/2 - data/texture/effectabc/3 In folder 1 it has: many .bmp file In folder 2 it has: many .tga file In folder 3 it has: many .bmp file So you will know they are actually Custom Aura Sprite ! Now i want make a script for the Item can read these folder above to have multi aura ( some server use this way to make Custom Aura System ) Thank all and please help !
  7. Your Multi Currency Shop 6.0 have problem, if don't have enough item to buy, it will annouce fail but the window not close or never close ( have to relog )
  8. Any client 2014 can use both iteminfo and idnum2itemdesctable.txt ? Because in description of item i have some special character in UTF 8 but iteminfo not support! I can pay for that client !
  9. Already disable full renewal and recompile -> ( uncomment //#define PRERE and comment //#DEFINE RENEWAL ) but still the same ! #define PRERE //#DEFINE RENEWAL what i said above you.... Bumppppp
  10. Already disable full renewal and recompile -> ( uncomment //#define PRERE and comment //#DEFINE RENEWAL ) but still the same !
  11. All comment can't help ( or fix ) because not relate to description item, it in soucre script X_X
  12. 2012-04-10 can't display rebellion sprite, anyone know ?
  13. I use 2012-04-10, already config mmo.h and packet_db.txt to 30, changed IP and version 30 in clientinfo.xml, after that i can login account -> choose server, but can't go to next part ( create or choose character ), the pop up show "Failed to Connect to Server" thank you !
  14. Mean can use idnum2itemdesctable.txt , idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt, idnum2itemresnametable.txt ... I see some server can use these item with 2014 client, is it right ?