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  1. Well as long as the spawn timers are set in the mob scripts there's nothing you can do...the only way would be replacing them with a script that would spawn those monsters in their respective maps with a 'OnClock' label or something like that and have their death times tracked by a script as well.
  2. F0xxy

    HP lost on warp

    Like the title says, players lose hp after warping and from what I see it happens when the hp value is higher than the 'hp' value in sql. For example if I equip an item that gives me 5% more hp, after I warp I lose those 5% hp accordingly whch is weird... Tried messing with max hp and health rates and hp_sp tables but nothing helped at all. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this PS: I found the problem... Whenever I equip something that adds stats or hp/sp the hp and max hp value in sql are not updated and so when I warp it loads back the old values exactly... How do I fix this?
  3. Same thing happens with Apache on centOS 6.5...
  4. Already tried a bunch of stuff myself as well but alll leads to that issue
  5. Also getting this error after updating...any ideas?
  6. F0xxy

    @mail tabs

    When I open the mail it won't let me change to the "Write" tab. It's unclickable and makes it impossible to send mails... What would be the fix for this? Edit: Client version is 2013-08-07a
  7. You could either use OnLoadMapEvent or edit the distance you want the npc to trigger from: Lunette,72,107,4 script Example 692,6,6,{ Change the bolded numbers to whatever number of cells you need.
  8. Oh hey, I remember this! I probably said it was amazing back then...well still is
  9. Well it seems that whatever you do is just bound to be awesome
  10. 1. I'd say to keep people from continually casting stuff but you're better off asking Gravity. 2. Cooldown affects all skills while cast-time is just the channeling of a certain skill(time reduced by dex(renewal has a cap for how much it can be reduced though)). 3. Yes. 4. Spam-fest plus a few skills are just too annoying when spammed(Pressure is a good example). 5. Not sure what you just asked but Kiel already reduces cooldown...only way I can think of is using pre-renewal cast so there can be insta-cast at a given dex value(if you meant reduce the cast or actually disable it).
  11. FIRST! Caveman is the first! yay to caveman

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      caveman 2pro