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  1. i having an error like this one script.c:2514: error: conflicting types for 'setd_sub' script.h:184: note: previous declaration of 'setd_sub' was here make[1]: *** [obj_sql/script.o] Error 1
  2. Good Day rA Users, i would like to request for Accound bound item source for 3ceam thaaankss
  3. Thaaaaaankss last question . how to add doommap to remove the buffs before the battle start ?
  4. Can someone edit this cript Okay. i want to have a announcer like after the 2 team party enter or register Announce: Get Ready Announce: 3 , 2 , 1 and this script warped randomly. i want pt 1 = left side pt 2 = right side Thaaanks i really need this thankyou
  5. Good day rAthena, well i have a bit problem here i don't know how to make this drop rate x40 Equipment Drop Rate x20 Item and ETC Drop Rate 10% Card Drop Rate im kinda noob about this , please help me
  6. jhunex

    Support ROom

    btw how to use this ? im using 3ceam
  7. jhunex

    Support ROom

    its not working
  8. jhunex

    Support ROom

    can i request for an Support room ? there's a npc that have waiting room Only 1 Player Can Enter. if the player click the npc they will be warped to ama_test then after that if theres a player in map "ama_test" the other player can enter to the room . they need to wait to the player that still in room. its jst like support room like 1 on 1 question and answer to gm
  9. CAN i request for this MVP TOMB ? i tryd to use search function but its no result im using 3ceam btw thanks
  10. thanks. im going to try this when i got home =] thankyou . i hope it will works
  11. Thankyou for helping me But i want instead of Reward is Experience i want it to be item is that possible ?
  12. Can Someone Edit this script ? i want this script to give prize 7539 50 not zeny thankyou
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