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  1. Boa tarde, Tassadar. Existe o comando @slave. Ele não atende as suas necessidades?
  2. Hi, Dev! Can you try read the doc: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt#L3661
  3. https://rathena.org/board/topic/111269-guide-lightweight-compiler-for-windows-for-replacement-heavy-visual-studio-ide-compile-rathena-faster-save-your-bandwidth-and-disk-space/
  4. Just update your msgstringtable.txt That's worked to me.
  5. If i remove the query_sql in "PutClothes", the color always be 0. But thanks, man. You're helping me a lot.
  6. Yes! { callfunc "SaveClothes"; },{ callfunc "PutClothes"; } And i finded another problem... If the player left the game using the equip, when he login the color is 0 again.
  7. function script SaveClothes { // Save Clothes Color [email protected] = getcharid(0); query_sql( "SELECT `clothes_color` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = '"[email protected]+"'",[email protected] ); setlook 7,0; setlook LOOK_BODY2,1; } function script PutClothes { // Put Clothes [email protected] = getcharid(0); query_sql( "SELECT `clothes_color` FROM `char` WHERE `char_id` = '"[email protected]+"'",[email protected] ); setlook LOOK_BODY2,0; setlook LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR,[email protected]; } @sader1992 The function is called when the player equips/removes the item. SaveClothes = Player equips the item. PutClothes = Player removes the item. Here the stylist: https://pastebin.com/f2iqCcR6
  8. The only problem is: if the player changes the color, the variable dont update with the new number. Just after login another time. Example: Can i update the variable in game? Thanks for your help!
  9. Anyone know how do that? I wanna to use in a system. Example: PS: If player use the color 211, when the event ends, return the palette to 211. Thanks all!
  10. Yes. As i said: i use 2017 client, so, this files are essencial. @Edit: After hours changing files, i found the answer. Thx, @sader1992 for the light.
  11. Well, first of all, congratulations for excelent job in introduce the Achievement System. My problem appears in image. The bar from achievent is just black without title. Client Version: 2017-01-25 Others tests: 2015-11-04 2016-02-03 Missing files or something? Waiting for answers.
  12. data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/basic_interface There all images useds in PIN system is on this folder.
  13. Está faltando a aba de "admin" neste clientinfo. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Client Information</desc> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>Reload RO</display> <address>xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx</address> <port>6900</port> <version>55</version> <langtype>12</langtype> <registrationweb></registrationweb> <loading> </loading> <admin>ID DA CONTA</admin> <admin>ID DA CONTA 2</admin> </connection> </clientinfo> Para adicionar outros, basta seguir a ordem do exemplo acima.
  14. Just change your System/ItemInfo.lua/lub. Download here: https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE
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