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  1. already did but all item become together with headgears this is script im using
  2. already did, but all item become together with Headgears, You can try script im using
  3. try follow this one, my "Weapons" , "Other" and "NewShop" , the item become together with "Hat Maker" any clue how to fix it ? i try want make 1 npc like Upper , Middle , Lower different NPC but same script
  4. try follow this one, my "Weapons" , "Other" and "NewShop" , become together with "Hat Maker" any clue how to fix it ?
  5. Thanks a lot, dont know setting there can you help me again ? i try make same script but for middle, i just change the item, everything fine no error, but the item still headgear not middle. where should i change ?
  6. Good day rathena im try following this Topic but i got some error here the script
  7. can you tell how did you solved it ? more Specific because i have same problem
  8. cant find "item_group.conf" in my rathena
  9. selamat pagi rathena, saya menggunakan vps centos 7 , install latest rathena disini semua berjalan lancar tidak ada masalah, tapi begitu saya ubah dari RENEWAL ke PRE RENEWAL server/src/config/renewal.hpp buka pake notepad++ secara manual ubah seperti dibawah lalu saya configure menggunakan command melalui centos 7 setelah configure TIDAK ADA MASALAH/ERROR tapi SETELAH MELILIH KARAKTER muncul seperti ini dan di putty muncul keterangan remove from maplist and then i check using WeeMapCacheTools from HERE and HERE its nothing. like i dont know how to describe it can someone help my problem here ?
  10. saya baru beli vps , terus mw masang flux cp.. dapat error kayak gini, dimana ya penjelasannya ? udh posting dimari masih gak paham saya. ini juga kaget ternyata rathena ada buat postingan indo, klw ada yg berkenan bantu tolong disini gk paham sama sekali saya
  11. ManokStreZ


    sorry, already did several time, nothing change i dont know what to do now, stuck here
  12. ManokStreZ


    i try install Flux CP on my vps follow step from Here and Here and also a few video on Youtube.. i dont understand nothing,, This is my problem
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