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  1. I try already to use the job_noenter_map.txt but only block when you go to map use @warp if you using npc warper, is not effected I don't know, maybe another people have custom source
  2. I never use that one try tou use the script source : Emistry Script
  3. Cause your server still online Make offline first and then delete
  4. Hii, I have problem when try to re-compile server I'm install Visual Studio 2017 (15.9) - Development C++ and got this error maybe somebody have problem like me ? how to fix it ? thank you advance
  5. @naruto10890 : Hello, please update your script thank you https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/26720f041a3cd0edbaa975bfc70345a30e9bf706
  6. sepertinya tidak ada, kalau khusus untuk orang indo mungkin jadi 1 komunitas rAthena
  7. Number 2 : Number 3 :
  8. mR L


    Just change #cashpoint To #kafrapoint
  9. Just setting 2 times woe in same day And then you need to setting the map *can't enter when have mvp card in inventory Make sure the different map
  10. Check your palletes Check your kRO Check your map file *if custom map
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