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  1. //===== Hourly Points Script ========================================= //===== By: ========================================================== //= nostafu //===== Current Version: ============================================= //= 1.3 //===== Compatible With: ============================================= //= Any eAthena Version //===== Description: ================================================= //= Get Points every successful hours of gameplay, you cannot get //= the points even if you miss a second or a minute. A player will //= get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours consecutively //= or without logging out of the game. If the player is vending //= the script will then stop. //==================================================================== - script OnlineReward#1 -1,{ //--Start of the Script OnPCLoginEvent: attachnpctimer ""+strcharinfo(0)+""; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer30000: //Check if Vending (normal or @at) if(checkvending() >= 1) { dispbottom "The rewards has stopped because you were vending . Please relog if you wish to start again."; stopnpctimer; end; } OnTimer60000: set @minute, @minute + 1; //Check for 1 Minute if(@minute == 1){ set @minute,0; set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS+100; dispbottom "You received 100 Cash Points. Current Cash Points: " + #CASHPOINTS; } stopnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; } hello, may you help me about this script I edited some, and I can't make this script only map prontera & payon you can receive the cash point maybe you can help me about this script Thank you advance~
  2. lChyztl

    Seberapa banyak yang aktif?

    I'm Here ... haha orang indonesia
  3. lChyztl

    Modified WoE Rewards to losers

    what this script work ?
  4. lChyztl

    Requesting for item script ^^

    I can't removed this card if I wrong in lhz card more than 2
  5. lChyztl

    Frost joker with curse and silence effect!

    like little fathum card on renewal ?
  6. lChyztl

    Newbie Here

    yupp,, I will try by the way, I'm using rathena from anacondaq when the first I started the ragnarok, the issue stuck npc was appear, you can try ~
  7. lChyztl

    Newbie Here

    I don't know where the error because every I reload the script, server console no problem & nothing any warning >.<
  8. lChyztl

    Newbie Here

    yes, some script had close2; but the first problem about secure timeout / stuck even click the npc
  9. lChyztl

    Newbie Here

    yes, the most people answer like this, but I was try to disable or increase the timer and recompile server nothing change you have more solution ?
  10. conf/battle/skill.conf // Using 'old' behavior for devotion vs reflect damage? (Note 2) // Default is 0 (official). If 'devotion_rdamage' is > 0 (chance to devote the reflected damage), // when player with devotion attacks player with reflect damage ability (item bonus or skill), // the damage will be taken by the person who provides devotion instead the attacker. devotion_rdamage: 100 // Officially, reflecting shield (SC_REFLECTDAMAGE) reflects physical damage by skill or normal attack. // But if the target is being devoted, it ONLY reflects the damage for melee skill. (Note 1) devotion_rdamage_skill_only: no
  11. lChyztl

    Newbie Here

    I want to ask, I have problem with NPC I think this old problem, if not any "mes" sometime the chat will dissapear and I got stuck. I must @go 0 or re-login to back normal again thank your if you can help me to solve this problem ~
  12. lChyztl

    Requesting for item script ^^

    yeah, thank you so much it works to me the problem is, how can I remove my card from my weapon if I can't wear it, because when I wear automatic "nude;"
  13. lChyztl

    How to add New 3rd Job Costume in Costume Item

    look this post
  14. lChyztl

    Need Help [how to disable Secure npc time out]

    Solved ?? I have same problem >.<