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  1. +1 for this source EDIT : Solved I have problem, I can't use skill acid demons because the acid bottle made from player how to enable it ? Thank your ~
  2. Hello, I got this error maybe you can update your grf in newest update this error appear when I try to bragi, idun & etc Thank you
  3. Thank you so much @pajodex
  4. hello, I want to request simple pvp warper but with the following requirement can enter if you have party with 4 members inside and online so you can warp at the map but if you don't have party or you have party with 6 members but 4 member online & 2 member offline you still can't warp at the map (so you must have 4 members inside & must be online too) only player has party with 4 members online inside the party can warp Thank you for helping
  5. Use mapflag prontera mapflag nocostume
  6. Not like that Like exchange npc on ragnarok mobile
  7. *bump* I need this script too
  8. After : Add : if(checkweight(2504,1) == 0 ) { mes "Over weight !!"; close; } # but I don't know this your mean or not Just help