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  1. what are item A and B in the script ? I see there is multiple items checked, not only 2 OnInit should be at the end of the script, or else each time the player will lick on the npc OnInit would run, you can just remove the OnInit event and use .@var instead , it's better to stay away from events because you are duplicating the npc there is no .temp_array defined in the script , I assume you wanted .itemid you should use 1 chance variable if you want the player to have 10% chance to get one of the items in the array just use if(rand(100) <= 10){//get item whatever } keep in mind that countitem() == 1 means the player must have only 1 , no more no less , if you want don't care how many the player have , just remove the "== 1" the "else" has no use snice the script will end if the "if" was true I suggest you use a UNIQUE NPC NAME as a main if you click on the NPC and nothing happens you would get an error code in the Console , read it and you would know why nothing happens when you click it. I am not sure how you want the npc but here is an optimize to the script - script ::TALL_GRASS_MAIN -1,{ setarray .@itemid[0], 40062,40063,40064,40065,40066; .@Chance = 10; mes "=== Select Tools ==="; switch(select("- Stone Blade:- Bone Blade:- Cancel")) { clear; case 1: if (rentalcountitem(40024) == 1){ if(countitem(40044) == 1){ getitem 40006, 1; getitem 40008, 1; end; } if(countitem(40067) == 1){ if(rand(100) <= .@Chance){ getitem .@itemid[rand(getarraysize(.@itemid))], 1; } getitem 40006, 1; end; } } mes "Stone Blade is needed."; close; case 2: if (rentalcountitem(40058) == 1 && countitem(40044) == 1 ){ getitem 40006, 1; getitem 40008, 1; end; } mes "Bone Blade is needed."; close; case 3: mes "Gathering Cancel"; close; } end; } // Duplicates //============================================================ neko_isle,75,122,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new11 666 new_1-3,111,73,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new12 666 new_1-3,115,71,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new13 666 new_1-3,119,71,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new14 666 new_1-3,123,71,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new15 666 new_1-3,127,71,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new16 666 new_1-3,131,72,6 duplicate(TALL_GRASS_MAIN) Tall Grass#new17 666 if that's not what you want , you might want to follow up with more details so people can help you with the script.
  2. I did check the link and it's safe Please stay on-topic , no need to argue about this anymore, he was just trying to help you even thought he didn't know how to do it and please no more links to download websites .
  3. The link is safe if we didn't include the ads (ads exist everywhere not just that site) the file is safe you most-likely got hacked from some where else
  4. please try again now with the new version, I added some exceptions, and some messages to clarify things up.
  5. the image size shouldn't be the issue , the script should resize the image anyway. look like the file path or name might be the problem , I will look into it , and maybe add a message if someone tried to double click the program instead of drag/drop the image on to it.
  6. each random option have an item bonus under it you can check all the random options in here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/item_randomopt_db.yml
  7. instead of .@gid = <Group ID>; Use .@gid = .@eq; now this is the group ID for each location EQI_ACC_L (0) - Accessory 1 EQI_ACC_R (1) - Accessory 2 EQI_SHOES (2) - Footgear (shoes, boots) EQI_GARMENT (3) - Garment (mufflers, hoods, manteaux) EQI_HEAD_LOW (4) - Lower Headgear (beards, some masks) EQI_HEAD_MID (5) - Middle Headgear (masks, glasses) EQI_HEAD_TOP (6) - Upper Headgear EQI_ARMOR (7) - Armor (jackets, robes) EQI_HAND_L (8) - Left hand (weapons, shields) EQI_HAND_R (9) - Right hand (weapons) EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP (10) - Upper Costume Headgear EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_MID (11) - Middle Costume Headgear EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW (12) - Lower Costume Headgear EQI_COSTUME_GARMENT (13) - Costume Garment EQI_AMMO (14) - Arrow/Ammunition EQI_SHADOW_ARMOR (15) - Shadow Armor EQI_SHADOW_WEAPON (16) - Shadow Weapon EQI_SHADOW_SHIELD (17) - Shadow Shield EQI_SHADOW_SHOES (18) - Shadow Shoes EQI_SHADOW_ACC_R (19) - Shadow Accessory 2 EQI_SHADOW_ACC_L (20) - Shadow Accessory 1
  8. You can try replacing lines 45 to 49 with just .@gid = <Group ID>; like this remove if(inarray(.item_list,.@id) == -1){ mes "Sorry , I cannot deal with this item!"; end; } .@gid = .it[.@id]; add //.@gid = <Group ID>; .@gid = 1; this should make all the items group id 1
  9. to fix this error on load you need to add freeloop(1); after OnInit: also You might need to add it after the start of the npc before disable_items; this because the list of items you have is too long.
  10. it would be nice to mention what was the error and fix, Thank you.
  11. This topic has been moved to the "Abandoned Projects" sub-forum. If the author is still working on this project, they may request that a moderator moves the topic back and removes this post.
  12. this where rAthena removed the password from this command https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/2746e0d351fb141b9e55220778c8934dd45f4028 you can try to undo the changes and hope everything work after all this time
  13. I wanted to write a tool for that before , but I think I found one that does that , I am not sure but maybe @Cydh or @Secrets who wrote it. I don't remember if it was for the info in the server side (item_db) or the client side (iteminfo.lub)
  14. also you can just redirect to the npc instead of using a duplicate for example: prontera,263,209,6 duplicate(Deathmatch PvP Warper) DM PvP Warper#prt02 823 to prontera,263,209,6 script DM PvP Warper#prt02 823,{ doevent("Deathmatch PvP Warper:OnTalk"); } and add OnTalk: at the start of the original npc
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